What Will it be, Wheat or White?

Wheat and White Bread

A long time ago, in the first few days of my reaching the American shores, I went up to the Subway counter to order lunch, “Wheat or White?” I had not the foggiest what I was being asked…wheat-or-white what? So began my introduction to the land of mind-boggling choices (and fractioned sentences)! Actually, it happened on the way itself, when the stewardess asked, “regular or decaf?” Ahem, err…regular what? And what the heck was decaf, anyway? But, I am quite sharp, you see. I looked at the carafe in her hand, and decided to settle for regular till I figured out what decaf was. Turned out, I had made the right choice.

Like I noted earlier, last week was a lot of cooking from my favourite blogs. I make my own bread, dinner rolls, and pizza often. When I read that the ‘brown’ bread we were eating was not necessarily much different from the white one, I stopped buying that. But some times you want bread and would like to eat it guilt free. Of course, roti is healthier since you do not need to add oil/butter or salt into the dough. But bread is bread.

Naturally, I substitute whole wheat flour, by at least half, in every recipe that calls for all purpose flour. So, the other day my son suggested that I should bake a 100% white bread the next time (presumably, to check if the reason for the denser texture was his mother’s baking or really the whole wheat flour!).

Actually, even I wanted to know.

So I decided to try Nic’s recipe for Classic White Bread. Then I found I did not have nearly enough flour for two loaves and I was loath to step out. But atta there is always plenty of. I have never used bread flour; I doubt if it is even available here. So, I thought it would be cool to try the recipe with refined flour as well as with regular atta and compare.

I followed the recipe to the t (my usual bread recipe uses half the fat), including the dough folding instructions. I should have taken pictures during the rising, but I did not. The results are here to see.

I had a beautiful, soft white bread and the other was the very nutty, wholesome tasting, whole wheat loaf – half the size! So, it had been proved, beyond doubt, that I was up-to the mark with my baking. Even my son noted that there was actually a ‘taste’ to the white bread too, making the effort well worth it.

Wheat and White Breads

7 thoughts on “What Will it be, Wheat or White?

  1. I am totally impressed by these loaves, just perfect, and neatly sliced too. Wish you all the best with your blog. Will come back again to read more from you.

  2. Guess what i see in today’s HT Brunch supplement? The stolen pic of your two beautiful sliced breads….do you get HT there/? Page 13 – did they buy it from you or the usual tactic?

  3. blog hopped my way here.. i am so glad you did this experiment. i have been trying to figure out bread baking for a while myself.. i normally use 50%atta to get a balance between health and good texture. i tried a 95% wheat recipe just yesterday and i kept thinking there was something i did wrong!! i just wasnt as soft & well risen as the all maida or 50% maida one. i suspected it was because of the wheat, but wasnt too sure. the last time i made a 100% wheat bread, i thought i had messed it up royally and threw it!! i guess i will tk some time to get used to 100%wheat!

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