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Coffee and Chocolate…mmm

In Muffins and Cookies on August 26, 2006 at 11:22 am

mocha roundsNandita’s lovely breadstick’s reminded me of the other recipe, in addition to the wheat and white breads, I tried from Bakingsheet a couple of weeks back. Son is studying (hardly) for his X Boards, and I try to do whatever helps. Coffee and chocolate are his all time favorite flavours. He introduced us to the coffee-toffee that our friendly neighbourhood Classic Ice Cream place offers. It is absolute yummylicious.

But I digress. While hunting the blogosphere for recipes that included both coffee and chocolate I came across Nic’s Mocha Rounds. I had tried making similar cookies earlier, but had obviously forgotten the lessons. I made no changes to Nic’s recipe other than (my usual) replacing half of the flour with wholewheat atta. Also, given the temperatures in Delhi at this time of year, I did not attempt the finishing bit about dipping in chocolate. It is kind of difficult to hold yourself together in Delhi’s heat and dust, so unless you live in the Himalayas, do as I did.

These are good with tea or coffee. Got milk?

mocha rounds
My notes:

  1. If you would like your ‘biscuits’ to be nice and round and live below the Himalayan foothills, do not attempt this recipe, unless you have an air-conditioned kitchen. By the time you roll your logs and refrigerate them, they are still going to be oblong. But, it only makes them look more ‘homey’, so go ahead and make ’em.
  2. I used Nestle’s semi-sweet morsels for my chocolate, and Bru instant coffee powder. The coffee flavour was very weak in my cookies. I would go ahead and double the coffee powder.
  3. As noted earlier, I also reduce the sugar by 1/4th when using American recipes. I believe Indian sugar is sweeter.
  1. The ‘biscuits’ look yummy Anita, I too just love Chocolate and Coffee..I can never decide on which comes first !! Thanks for the wonderful tips, will try makeing ’em soon 🙂

    Hi Priya. I know..thankfully, they go well together and we can have ’em both!

  2. Hi! I loved your earlier template-kinda went very well with your writing style…I’ll get used to this now 🙂 Guess what, I have bookmarked this recipe too. Will make it sometime. Tell me do we get nestle’s semi sweet morsels in India or did u buy them from elsewhere?
    The cookies look fab-and i baked some Banana bread yesterday from Elise’s recipe. You’re right about Indian sugar being sweeter. The recipe said 1 cup, i used 3/4 C and still it was a little too sweet.I’ll remember your words next time.

    I liked it too but there were few ‘add ons’ possible – the profile link was missing for one! I’m still wavering…let’s see. This one seems harder to read too…The morsels were ‘imported’ from the US. But, other times I have used the regular milk chocolate – just reduce the sugar further.

    PS: It’s back to the old one, Nandita!  with a few ‘add ons’ figured in.  This is more ‘suited’, you are right.

  3. Hi Anita,
    Liked your writing style.
    and those cookies look yummy…have to try them…

    Hi Madhuli.  Welcome to the Mad Tea Party!

  4. hi…ur cookies look yuuummmmmmmmmmmmmm…
    but wheres the recipe for this/???i dnt see them anywhere…

    Hi Rashmi. Click on “Nic’s Mocha Rounds” link in the text for the recipe (I know the links don’t stand out well in this template). Have fun making them!

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