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A Me…me

In Ruminations and rants on September 16, 2006 at 12:21 pm

I have been tagged again! This time by Priya (and, since I have taken so long, by Nandita as well!) to tell you all about myself! I was planning to post on the VOF trip before tackling this, but that post is taking longer. So, on to the Me Me:

I am thinking about:
catching the early-morning Shatabdi to Amritsar (work).
I said : but I just got back! The VOF trip was a blast, but since accomodation was so-so at most places, plus all that walking, and your own bed being the ultimate in comfort, I would have liked some time to unwind.
I want to : see Lage Raho Munna Bhai. I really liked part I. At last there was again a truly original Hindi movie with dialogues that were our own, culturally and temporally, and a sense of humor that did not start and end at characters slipping on banana peels or making funny faces. The reviews for the second story are very good; look forward to seeing it soon.
I wish : there were no wars. There are no winners. Just more pain, more hardship, and more hatered and vengeance. And women and children bear the brunt. And yet, enough of us continue to believe it can bring resolution!
I regret : not downing that second Margarita (long ago in Boulder)…it was soooo smoooth…I was afraid to! I should have…
I hear : when I should listen.
I am : an optimist. I look for the silver lining, and it will surprise you, there always is one. It’s all for the better (how else would you believe in tomorrow?!).
I dance : like Elaine! (Seinfeld). Therefore, I don’t.
I sing : but I shouldn’t. Really.
I cry : but I shouldn’t. And at the silliest moments! Sometimes, even at happy endings – they so tug at your heart. The ‘Vande Matram’ video (AR Rahman) brought tears to my eyes; the National Anthem always does! Go figure! I must be getting old or something.
I am not : a morning person. Not that I am grumpy when I have to be up early. Just that I would rather sleep-in.
I dream of : owning a tiny home-farm and grow my own food (in Belgaum!). I would like to chuck this city life, go to a small town (that was big enough that it would have some cultural life – I don’t want to be far-far-away from the city – too much of the city in me for that!) and experiment with organic farming. But, it doesn’t come cheap. I have to put in my time in the city first…
I am with my hands: a miracle worker (chances of sainthood in the future, you think?).
I write : to connect with like-minded people. I am an introvert in a big group. So this blogging works for me. I can be a part of the big group (or maybe it is small!) without really knowing!
I laugh : while watching Seinfeld (and Friends) for the n’th time
I confuse : huh?!!
I value : my family. They are and will always be there for me.
I need : lots of hugging! Recent research has proved what I knew all along: hugging can bring down blood pressure (especially for women). Yet TH has to be reminded every now and then.

Maybe Vaishali would like to be tagged? She is part of my small group, maybe? I see that Krithika has already been tagged!

PS: Vaishali has been tagged already too! I think, this thread ends with me!

  1. Nice one…feels good to know about friends in the food blogging world, feels nice to read about something more than food! Seinfeld- ah yes, I must have watched almost every episode and yet manage to catch it a few times a week on Star world here-love it so much. And yes, hugging too, everyone could do with a few more. Here’s sending you a hug Anita 🙂

    Thanks N, for the hug.  You can always use more hugging!  When I read your’s with your dream of having a piece of land to live on, I thought again – separated at birth!

  2. I know this is a very old post and you might not even check the comment, but you sound so much like me that I had to comment. It is so wonderful to read about people who you can completely understand and relate to. Great blog and great meme.

    Thanks for writing-in “to-connect,” Vandana! I wouldn’t dream about not checking the comments – old posts or new! 🙂

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