Hibiscus Red September…Hic

hibiscus drink

If you are meeting up with old friends partying late into the night is inevitable. Before the gang returned to their respective permanent addas in Maharashtra, we did some partying here in Delhi. A lot was cooked but only a little was photographed. I was too rushed at times, and the fact that my ‘food photography’ was the source of some amusement to the lot was not lost on me. All in good humor, of course.

It may seem to some, who don’t live to eat, that tender ginger, giant cucumbers, and cups of tea, are not the best subjects for photography. Obviously they have forgotten all the art appreciation classes we had as undergraduates students of architecture. Food and drink are very suitable still-life subjects. Thank you.

Were they appreciative of the quirky concoctions I had in store for them though!

MxMo Quirky enough for Paul’s Mixology Mondays being hosted this time by Meeta at What’s For Lunch Honey. And I am going to call it:

Red September

30ml Hibiscus syrup
60ml Vodka
15ml lemon/lime juice
lots’a ice cubes

Shake everything and pour into glasses. Cheers.

Now, where are you going to get the Hibiscus syrup? Make your own, where else!

Just step out of the front door this morning and gather a dozen or so fleshy dewy Hibiscus blossoms (before the old ladies get to them) which you have never sprayed with pesticides (like the rest of your garden). Rinse them out (no need for this if you stay away from polluted cities). Trim and use only the petals. Squeeze the juice of one big lemon and toss.


Hibiscus Syrup

a dozen or more Hibiscus blooms (single variety)
juice of 1 large lemon/lime
1 C sugar
2 C water

Boil the sugar and water till the sugar is dissolved. Add the blossoms. Simmer for 45 min. Strain into a jar and refrigerate. Use as desired: in all sorts of drinks and shakes…the rosy colour should be a good foil for rose based drinks too. You may use the petals as a relish or jam.

Now, that’s novel don’t you think? Wait till I show you what to do with those rose hips! This Hibiscus syrup also fits into Ingi Pennu’s Greenblog Project!


The wine and the Schnapps and the talking till late into the night…they were to leave next day. And then I suggested some soothing Chinese tea. But they were dropping like flies around me, so I let it be.

And then someone cracked a joke (more like going off the track on my wanting to shoot and ‘blog’ about everything- not true though) and Anju was in hysterics (really) and we probably woke up the neighbours. Now everyone was wide awake and someone wanted tea. The girls asked me to ignore Prasad and go to sleep – it was a ‘dorm’ situation in our bedroom. But, again the request for the green tea…

So I got up, at 12:00 midnight, to demo the making of this wonderous pot of tea. Tomorrow: Jasmine Ball tea…drink to that tonight.


6 thoughts on “Hibiscus Red September…Hic

  1. This is something now….You are tempting me to try this one, it just sounds so exotic…With all the fun you’ve been having, I now know where I must land up to make the most of my Delhi trip…hahaha
    Waiting for the jasmine tea recipe..flowers are edible indeed

    That is a promise? You will be most welcome. We make great Margaritas too! You bring the coffee :D!

  2. It is indeed exotic ! Look at that color ! wow ! The only edible flower recipe I have come across so far is ‘gulkand’. This one is really new.

    That colour is after all the ice and vodka has been added!  The syrup is deeper.  Enjoy!

  3. WOW…the Red Septembers look great…and I just loveee the pic of the hibiscus blossoms !! Wonderful touch-up.
    And hey I just got back from reading this.
    an event for ‘exotic cocktails’ 🙂
    Thanks for the link Priya. I had’nt been there in the longest time.

  4. HI, just came here from injimanga’s blog. That drink is gorgeous!! Would love to dip my finger in that syrup. Wonder how it would be mixed with milk? hmmm

  5. I wish I had fresh hibiscus blossoms to make the syrup. I ended up making hibiscus tea to substitute which I think worked out well.

    I’ve been challenging myself to make 50 new recipes a year and this was one of them. I loved making this, and thanks for posting the recipe.

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