Fat-free Potato Chips and Low-fat Kofta Curry

“Next, you’ll be telling me to boil poories”, is what my MIL had said in exasperation one day! Some of us take the low-fat thing to an extreme. I manage that myself sometimes. ‘Boiled poories’ may never happen but, recently, I have managed fat-free potato chips and low-fat ghia (bottle gourd) koftas.

Good enough.

For the fat-free chips you should go to 28 cooks. Her Microtato Chips taste exactly like the fried, out-of-bag variety! Absolutely unbelievable, but better believe it. Sorry, no pics. Nothing can hold off anyone from chips. Not even I. I kept my counsel and did not make outrageous demands like ” Hands off, till I shoot”. And these are fat-free chips, hello!

My guess is they may not store well. But you have to deal with that if there are any left over. If.

For the fat-free Potato Chips you need:

scrubbed potatoes
a well-oiled microwave-safe (glass) casserole dish (or wax paper)
seasoning (I used lemon-pepper salt + some of my own dry, crushed, mint)

Slice or peel (if you have a peeler that thick-peels) potatoes. Season as desired. Oil your casserole dish and spread the sliced potatoes in a single layer. Microwave for 5-7 min (5 if you peeled, and 7 if you sliced). You now have unbelievable crispy-brown potato chips. You do not need to oil the dish again tonight! Really.

The only drawback is that by the time (or before!) you make the next batch, the first one is gone. So you may not be able to feed an army peacefully. That’s all.

Now for that north Indian Kofta Curry. I made the koftas some time back, so the proportions are not exact, but those of you who have done some ‘steaming’ should be able to manage quite well. Not the stuff for beginners, I’m afraid. I was using frozen ones today. These freeze well. I always make more than I need and freeze half of them.

ghia kofta
Steamed Ghia Koftas
(all ingredients are approximate)

1 ghia (bottle gourd) 900gms or thereabouts, peeled andย grated
1 1/2 C besan (chickpea flour)
1/2 C sooji (semolina)
garlic paste and grated ginger (to taste, optional)
1/2 t turmeric
2 t oil
3/4 t baking soda

Bring water to boil in a pressure cooker or steamer. Mix all ingredients and pour into oiled pans for steaming. I use my steel pans that fit into each other. Steam (no pressure) for 25-30 min or till a toothpick comes out clean. Let cool. Remove and cut into cubes.



Here you have your basic ‘koftas’. You could grill them and serve as a snack or use in a curry. The north-Indian curry would involve the usual fried-masala base of cumin, ginger-garlic paste, onions and tomatoes, with some turmeric, coriander and chilli powders. Which is how I usually make these.

This week I did a Rajasthani variation on the curry. I was a bit rushed and not quite in the mood for all the onion-tomato time-consuming-bhuno thing. And, a very delicious and quick variation it turned out to be. Here’s my

Gatte-inspired Kofta Curry

Half portion of fresh/frozen steamed koftas (or koftas from about 600gms of ghia)
10-12 cloves garlic, mashed
1 t turmeric
1 t cumin seeds
1 1/2 t hot chilli powder
2-3 t coriander powder
1C dahi (yoghurt)
2 t ghee (oil only if you don’t use ghee, ever)
salt to taste

Heat ghee in a karahi/pan. Add cumin. After it splutters, add garlic. Stir for a few seconds (don’t brown the garlic) and add turmeric and the chilli powder. Now add the dahi. Keep stirring till the ghee separates and you see some ‘lacing’ (as in ‘lace’-pattern). Add the coriander powder and stir for a few seconds before adding a cup and a half of water and the salt. When the curry starts to boil, add the thawed kofta cubes and simmer till heated through. Sprinkle with loads of cilantro. Serve with roti.

A breeze when using frozen-ahead kofta cubes.


12 thoughts on “Fat-free Potato Chips and Low-fat Kofta Curry

  1. WOw…the kofta curry looks reaally interesting and yummmyy…Will surely give it a try…I give up on the kofta curry just cos’ the tomato-onion base takes a loooooong time to cook. Your recipe looks rich and a lot easier ๐Ÿ™‚ and the idea of freezing the kofta’s is just great !!

  2. This sounds like fun, the freezing bit. and I love people who pressure cook. Aint it the biggest time and energy saving device in our kitchens?? I cant thank Fiber of 28cooks enough for that wonderful inspiration and we’ve almost had the same thoughts on that one!

    I just posted my 100th on a blog, it is a traditional tambram recipe and knowing your love for all things South Indian, I’m sure you’re going to love it.


  3. Priya and Krithika: Hi. The Rajasthani curry is a great variation (and very very quick!). And with frozen koftas it can be a last min dish or come in handy when you have unexpected guests.
    N – The fat-free chips are the ultimate in cyber-discoveries. This one recipe is worth the whole concept!
    I tried the Dhansak. Great addition…I don’t see an entry since – yet anyway. Shall check again.

  4. I live in U.K and you just can’t get the same paneer like back home…….hv u got any suggesions on this pls
    Hi Nora. You can make your own. It’s very easy: boil milk (whole milk or 3-4%), add a souring agent such as lemon juice, vinegar or sour yoghurt and stir. The milk will curdle and the whey will separate. Strain thru a muslin cloth and let hang for a few minutes. If you want a ‘wheel’ shape put it (while still in the muslin) in a round tin, and let it sit for a bit, 20 min or so. Remove the muslin and cube or crumble your perfect paneer!
    Try and let me know if it works out.

  5. Hi Anita, tried lauki kofta recipe yesterday, but baked instead of steaming and it came out well as also had made handvo and will be making cheelas as well so got three dishes out of one lauki at one go!!! Thanks for this no fuss kofta recipe.

  6. I’ve been a lurker for many, many years, Anita! I apologize for that but I was so busy with my little kids, married life, later more education, and finally career, that I’d read your post, nod my head laughingly and then rush to do waiting chores. Then for couple of years I forgot about you. And now first time in 18 years of my life in Canada and US I’m finally relaxing because I have a herniated disc and I’m laid up! As I was browsing Pinterest I came across your green chill pickle recipe and the name Mad TeaParty. I quickly bookmarked you lest I misplace you again. You have been such a huge part of my survival in North America. I relive memories of my favorite city on earth, Delhi through your writings!

    Well, Preeti, while I am glad you are back (as am I, after a very long hiatus!), I wish it was not the herniated disc that brought you back. But make the most of it! I can see you are a positive person, looking (and finding) the silver lining! Good to hear from you.

    1. Thanks for the reply! Hope your hiatus wasn’t pain induced?! I won’t lose you now : ))

      ๐Ÿ™‚ In my case, it is just work (not too painful at all, actually!); the kiddo has spread wings and flown the nest!

  7. So excited to stumble upon this post from Nupur’s post on Freezing Indian food. With a crazy commute to work, I am trying my hands on freezing meals and added the steamed koftas to the list. Thanks Anita for the idea. ๐Ÿ™‚


    Glad to see you here!

  8. Anita, how much ghia? I’m missing the quantities. Planning for this weekend:) Thanks.

    Oops! Edited to add: 1 ghia, approximately 2 lbs or thereabouts! Thanks for checking, Anjali. ๐Ÿ™‚

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