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In Birds and Bees on October 29, 2006 at 9:05 am


I spent a lot of time trying to identify some more of the flowers from out recent Valley of Flowers trip…but it’s not easy. Just when I thought that I would have to let this edition of Flowers Fest go by without participating suddenly the light bulb flashed! In the entry garden at the Auli ropeway I had taken these pictures of happy Dahlias! Bingo!

Dalhias are native to Mexico where they are also the national flower. They can be tiny button-sized to giant ones (I think I’ve seen close to a foot in diameter!). They are amongst the favourite food of butterflies! For more information on Dahlias go here.


flowerfestThis is my entry for Manisha’s (Indian Food Rocks fame!) Flower Fest, A-Z of Flowers.

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  1. Anita, I’m so glad you didn’t give up! The white dahlia is perfect. Not a blemish on it. The red one is really interesting with that inner cluster of purple petals. Wow!

    I grew white dinner-plate dalhias about 4 years ago. The blooms were between 6-8 inches in diameter. Then they were attacked by the Japanese beetle. The only way I could rid the plants of them was by dropping them into warm soapy water. Despite this the plants grew to about 4ft in height. Then blew the legendary Chicago wind and literally broke the plants in two. The thick stem was hollow inside and snapped in the wind. I have never grown them again.

  2. Anita, the round-up for D is up! And the winner is Dahlia!! Check it out.

  3. These are simply EXQUISITE, i love the velvety smoothness of the Dahlia petals! Hope to see ur entry for “E” soon!

  4. Anita, can we look fwd to ur entry on “E”? Tomorrw is the round up. Do send in ur entry to the Flower Fest id.

  5. hi
    such great pictures of flowers , i loved your site and your writing too keep up the good work.

    Thanks, Akshata!

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