Three Things…

First Lakshmik (Veggie Cuisine) and then Shaheen (Malabar Spices) tagged me for this meme. I always need lots of time for the ‘meme’ stuff – thankfully, unlike in real life, for a blog I can take the time to think up witty one liners what I think are witty one-liners. So here goes:

3 Things that make me laugh
Watching Friends
Watching Seinfeld
Watching Friends again… and again and again. (I know, that adds up to a lot of TV. They also say laughing is a good thing. So there.)

3 Things that make me cry
Watching our Saas-bahu serials from the K-factory (looking at those decked-up conniving women with an inch thick make-up makes you want to pull your hair out. And that is very painful. So I don’t. Watch the serials, I mean.)
Watching movies like Stepmom – a totally different kind of crying. Not painful, but feels like something’s stuck in your throat.
Chopping onions. Not very original. Or witty. But true.

3 Things that scare me
There you have me. I’m not really scared of things other than being put on the spot! In the limelight I mean. Like that will happen! So, I’ll say I don’t scare easy. I hate cockroaches but I am not scared of them – I can always stomp on them (yuk).
But I am mortally afraid of riding a bicycle, with good reason.

3 Things I love
Reading the Sunday papers (especially The Hindu)
Delhi’s Four-seasons Climate, always sunny!
A good cup of tea

3 Things I hate – too strong an emotion, let’s make that – I can’t stand
Dealing with corrupt officers (I can’t offer bribes you see. Big problem.)
muggy-cloudy weather for too long (London is not for me!)
Roaches/ Salman Khan

3 Things I don’t understand
Why TH won’t drink tea. What kind of Indian doesn’t drink tea? And he says he has a very refined sense of taste. Right.
Why we (Indians), as a people, have NO CIVIC SENSE
Why a lot of people think Aishwarya Rai is the epitome of womanhood

3 Things on my desk
cell phone
bunch of pens and pencils

3 Things I am doing right now
Multitasking as usual…
making a cup of tea for myself, as I
cook dinner (3 burners going), and
write this meme, intermittently

3 Things I want to do before I die
visit Greece and Rome and Italy and Barcelona (to begin with)
make that dream ‘farm’ house in Belgaum (much much before I die, I hope)
finish knitting that sweater I started last year

3 Things I can do
put a great meal together in half hour
be on time
look for the silver lining (it is always there somewhere)

3 Things one should listen to
one’s conscience
one’s wife
Indian Oldies like Kishore Kumar and Begam Akhtar

3 Things I would never want to listen to
North Indian speciality – the all-night Vishaal Bhagwati Jagaran (show me one tuneful singer…)
Aishwarya Rai talk

3 Favorite foods
This is hard. Amongst scores:
Aloo Parantha
Eggs and Cheese

3 beverages I drink regularly

3 TV shows I watched/books I read as a kid
Anne Frank’s Diary (when I was 13 – she wrote it when she was 13)
Our very own first soap: Hum Log
A whole lot of Enid Blytons with the favorites being the Famous Five, Five Findouters with Fatty, Bet…Tim? and poor old Goon

Three fellow bloggers I would like to tag
Manisha (Indian Food Rocks)
Nandita (Saffron Trail), I see she has been tagged already
Krithika (Manpasand)
Vaishali (Happy Burp)
only if they would like to!

18 thoughts on “Three Things…

  1. Love your blog. The Enid Blyton series mentioned by you with Goon is about the Five Find-outers and dog – Fatty, Larry, Pip, Daisy and Bets. The Famous Five are Julian, Dick, George, Anne and Timmy their dog. I read these to my little boy every night.

    Sandhya: Thanks. And I do seem to have got my ‘Fives’ all mixed up…but it was so long ago!

  2. I’m falling off laughing at ‘roaches / Salman Khan’ ….I declare we are truly soul sisters after you’ve written that …….Hahahahahaa

    Interesting meme, good questions, will take this up soon!

    That, and I thought someone would react to the Ash bits too… 😦

  3. Smile…Anita me too fed up with all the film star talk thats in our face on TV. Enjoyed reading your meme. BTW try the Kora cha I posted today may be he will like it….Its very marathi…koli I mean..

    Nice post, Anjali. The only way he will ever drink some is when it is made the Punjabi way – lots of milk!!

  4. HEY!!!!! I also dont like tea 😛 …. never had tea, not even tasted as yet in all my life 🙂

    Wonderful meme….. you have a way of writing which is truely enjoyable!!!

    I am going to link one of ur post to my next!!! watch out for that over the weekend 🙂

    Coffee: Have some tea…you’ll change your name, I promise! 🙂
    Thanks! And look forward to what you are up to this weekend.

  5. three times i Laughed out loud..
    about bribing the cop(i can’t do it either)
    Ash’s talk..(so artificial)
    Riding a bicycle..whats up with that..u totally piqued my curiosity.
    thanks for keeping my Barosa..

    Mortally afraid in the sense that I know i will kill myself if I ride! A little bit more on that here

  6. I love the “one should listen to one’s wife” line! :)Agree with you totally on Ash Rai-she is so plastic and so self-counscious!
    Loved the 5 Findouters too!
    Nice reading your meme, Anita!

  7. I completely agree with you on ash rai, I can’t stand her. incidently she has been the hot topic in our house for the past week since her engagement to abishek bachan (whom I do like..)
    yes I love tea all forms..
    nice post!
    Hi Suganya…first time here?

  8. Hi ,
    I’ve been a silent reader of your blog. Have tried out a few recipes too from here…and loved them. Never left any comments except this your writing style.

  9. Krithika, Vani, Suganya, Nidhi, Haripriya, RP: Thanks for reading and letting me know you enjoyed it. A bit silly for the most part; thought the bits about ‘…one’s wife’, and Ash, and SK are on the spot!

  10. sorry to hear abt your crash story. Since i spent the better part of a summer holiday cycling near the sea, i wish you would learn to cycle as it is so liberating.:)

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