Flower Fest and Do I have the Flower for You


So I’m late. But nobody will mind when I arrive with a flower such as this one!!


We came across the thistle-like Morina longifolia in the Valley of Flowers. I was the lone one in the group to walk this far and take pictures of the spent flower heads and tall spikes that looked very sculptural. I wondered how they must have looked a couple of weeks earlier…


A couple of days later, while ambling around the Auli ski-slopes, I spotted the thistle like foliage again! This time I called out to the rest of the group lunching on very forgettable dosas. Some of the spikes still held the tiny white and pink flowers! This was also where I had spotted the Geum. And the happy cows that produce the sweetest milk. You didn’t need to sweeten the tea made from this milk!



M is for…
Morina longifolia
Common name : Whorlflower
A Himalayan wildflower with thistle like foliage, pink and white flowers, in whorls, borne on two-three feet tall spikes. Flowers (in the Valley of Flowers) between June and September.

Thank you, Manisha, for asking me to participate in the Flower Fest, the A-Z of Flowers all those months ago. I don’t think I could have gotten more mileage out of that one trip! πŸ™‚

16 thoughts on “Flower Fest and Do I have the Flower for You

  1. You know with every entry, you make Valley of Flowers a most-wanted trip for me.

    These are amazing! Will update the round up for M soon and let you know.

  2. Me too….where is the Valley of Flowers? The whorl-flower looks like it might be in the mint family(Labiatae). I love your pics Anita…

  3. Manisha, Krithika, Musical and Pel: You’d think I was getting some commission from Garhwal Tourism! But seriously, I am planning my second trip for Aug 2009. Should I count all of you in?! πŸ™‚
    And Pel, check the links in the post (to my older posts) for more info on VOF and that trip.

  4. Shilpa (eyeonnature.blogspot.com) updated the round up. Take a look!

    School starts early this year – Aug 16th. I’d love to go but pas possible. 😦

    I corrected that – I meant 2009!!

  5. 2009. That might work. Who knows! I don’t even know if we are going away for spring break, which starts next Friday. The whole neighborhood is going to be gone. We’re the only ones with no plans as yet. I’m looking at Sand Dunes, Mesa Verde or Arches (Moab) but I’m the only one – have a stubborn desk-bound husband to convince. Have told him I need a new camera for Arches and Mesa Verde so I think this is his way of getting out of doing both.

  6. August 2009? Wow, you DO plan ahead! I’ll seriously keep it in mind. Are there any mangoes left anywhere at that time?

    Actually I don’t. Just that by then son will be in college somewhere (somewhere good, I pray)…and I want to visit Badrinath and say ‘thank you’. That is one temple where I felt at peace – I hardly ever visit temples. It is a very old, very small stone temple, in the South Indian temple-style, and off-season is a good time to visit!

  7. hi…. have been wanting to do a trip to the valley of flowers for several years now and have recently begun to feel that i just have to do it next year – august!!! hopefully it will happen
    so was searching and found your post…. are you really planning a trip there next august?

    would love to hear more and be looped in on any further plans in that regard…

    thanks again

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