What a Party!

Out they poured…tiny ones, giant ones, white ones, brown ones, thin ones, thick ones, flat ones, puffed ones, plain ones, flamboyant ones, stuffed ones, speckled ones, “…they ran all over …in and out of kitchens, squeaking in their hundreds so that people could not hear themselves speak. They killed all the cats and fought the dogs quite boldly. They were too cunning to be caught in traps. What could be done?” πŸ˜† (from The Pied Piper, an old Tale).

Not quite the belan-wielding avtar that was giving Bee and Jai nightmares, but I sure felt a little like the Pied Piper! It is hard to believe this post led to this party!

The sweet music from my magic pipe led us all to this Party table, which is now groaning under the weight of poories. And what a party it is – there are friends and family, neighbours and roomies, little ones and older ones, guys and gals, singles and couples, married-with-children, extended families, those with blogs, and those without, old faithfuls, and new faces too.

To celebrate 60 years of Indian Independence we covered quite some ground. The South was fully represented by Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh; Maharashtra held up the west; from the east we had Orissa and West Bengal; and North was represented by Delhi, and Punjab. And we also had participation from the Western World – USA! And everyone dressed up too! Yay!

Though the occasion was a bit sombre, no one was serious. There was much banter and merry making, poking and sharing, and name-calling too (a lot, come to think of it!), but all in good humor.

In the order of appearance:

Indosungod (Daily Musings)
Manisha (Indian Food Rocks)
Mallugirl (Malabar Spices)
I (A Mad Tea Party)
Pragyan (Cooking at Pragyan’s)
Nandita (Saffron Trail)
Asha (Aroma)
Indira (Mahanandi)
Ramya (Aromas of Food)
ET (Evolving Tastes)
Rachna (Soul Food)
TBC (The Budding Cook)
Bee and Jai (Jugalbandi)
Prajakta (Swaypakghar)
Coffee (The Spice Cafe)
Shilpa (Aayi’s Recipes)
RP (My Workshop)
Sandeepa (Bong Mom’s Cookbook)
Madhuli (My Foodcourt)
Musical (Musical’s Kitchen)
Srivalli (cooking4all seasons)
Santhi (Writing on the Mirror)
Priya (Akshayapatram)
GV Barve (Add Flavour)
Latha (Masala Magic)
Hima (Snackorama)
Saju (Chachi’s Kitchen)
Sia (Spice Corner)
Mona (Zaika)
Vee (Past, Present and Me)
Meeta (What’s For Lunch Honey)
Shyam (Food, In The Main)
Padma (Padma’s Kitchen)
Suma Gandlur (Veggie Platter)
Neroli (Neroli.108)
TC (The Cooker)
Lakshmi (The Yum Blog)
Sharmi (Naivedyam)
Pel (Elaichi et Cetera)
Jyothsna (Curry Bazaar)
Pintoo (Zaayka)

I am so glad all of you came to make this Mad Tea Party possible. The idea behind the poori-bhaji was not healthy-eating-be-damned but to check ourselves from going totally overboard. We do need to include some good fats in our daily diet. Our brains are, after all, pure fat! I think Neroli’s words capture the magic behind the poori (and the intent behind this event) perfectly:

When the first circle of dough went into the hot oil, it bubbled happily and seemed to burst with joy, and I laughed out loud.

Come here, LG, I said, look at this!

Naah, well…okay, he said. Okay, all right, let me get my stool.

LG, perched on his stool, stood at the stove by my side as I splashed the top of that first puri with oil, and then flipped it. He watched with much exclamation as it continued to balloon and as I carefully brought it out from the oil to drain on kitchen paper. We both admired its beautiful, happy golden, glistening roundness. It was too lovely for words.

The next thing that I know, dear reader, LG has completely taken over the stove: he is using tongs to pick up a circle of dough to slip it into the oil; he is using a kitchen spoon to carefully splash oil on the top of the circle; he is checking the bottom, and flipping—his puris are puffing, and we are both wooping and clapping as if we were both tiny children.

To be kids again (LG – above – is one, BTW), isn’t that wonderful? That, my friends, is what it is all about. Because food is not just fuel for the body, it is nourishment for the soul.

Post Script:

  • No cats, big or small, were harmed at the party or in the preparations leading up to it.
  • Some of you forgot to leave a comment with a link to your post. I hope I have not left out anyone. Do let me know if I have so that I may fix it.
  • I hope you had as much fun participating in this as I. It did threaten to become quite The Mad Tea Party…Thank you so much for coming.

PPS: I just noticed – this is my 100th post! It took all of one year to get there! Still, a century it is!

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A self professed urban ecologist!

60 thoughts on “What a Party!

  1. Got to hand it to Neroli for the most touching post! It didn’t need a picture – the images were conjured up through the magical words!

    Great going with the puris! And a nod to moderation!

  2. i’m coming after you now with that belan. the roles are reversed. i feel like a pregnant camel with all those puris. no that i know what a pregnant camel feels like. lol

    Don’t be blaming that on the puri, now! πŸ˜†

  3. Mad tea parties are good, aren’t they :-D. and what this thing with the cat? Do you have a cat-i love cats =^.^=

    Yummy fiesta this is :).

    Bee and Jai had me riding a big cat in one, rather two, of my avtars!

  4. Hey Anita,
    Thanks so much for the wonderful poori party! My mom was so totally fascinated by this blog party- fun. I have deprived everyone in my home from puris for a long time i think (even though no one said anything). Thanks to u, i’m going to take a check on the fitness madness and give in to some spontaniety once in a while! You’re so right – it is indeed nourishment for the soul!
    Loved all the wonderful poori recipes!

  5. Tea parties are fun….but Mad tea parties are funner (I know that is not a real word).
    I’m glad I fried my way to yours.

    What about the cat? I missed that one.

  6. I am trying to imagine how this party would look like in real life. The crunching, munching, the conversation and the laughter. Super fun definitely!

    Thanks for the lovely party, Anita.

  7. Thanks indeed, Anita; you and your guests have moved me beyond words.
    Without all of you, there is no party: joy is meant to be repeated and shared, and it’s been so wonderful to do so.
    Magic, beautiful, and delicious—what a party you’ve all made!
    My thanks indeed.

  8. Anita,
    Thank you so much for organizing this party. You did such a wonderful job! I am pretty sure I would never have attempted this had it not been for your poori-fest.Next, chapatis & achaars, please πŸ˜‰
    You are so right when you say that food is not just fuel for the body but also nourishment for the soul!
    I had loads of fun and am so glad that I was a part of it :-). Thank you, Anita πŸ™‚

  9. That was a wonderful party, even though I couldn’t come. sob sob! But it lived up to yr blog’s name. We should do parties like this once in a while. Was fun to see the whole blogging world deep-frying!

  10. […]and that’s a lovely feeling, knowing that I can β€œwhip these out” at whim now. And, perhaps most of all, thank you Anita for suggesting all of this puri-making madness in the first place! What a fitting way to celebrate 60 years[…]

  11. I checked Food Blog Desam after 3 whole weeks yest..and I was confused to see so many posts on puri bhaji..I read the details today on ur blog…M so sad that I missed this mad tea party..It was a wonderful idea to celebrate the Independence day.. I hope u get more such fantastic ideas..I will surely participate the next time..

  12. Oh Anita…what a wonderful time I’ve had; my two guests even asked me why I’d been depriving them of such a thing as puris all this time. I assume I’ll be making more sometime, but it was back to dhal-chaval, haak-zamodud today! Thank you…

    P.S. A few of my putty-tats =^.^= =^.^= =^.^= did join in by begging to taste puri-pieces.

  13. Thanks for the impromptu party…it was so much fun to do it, and very different from an event, since one didnt have to think too much about ” what can and what shall I make !!!! “…I guess, its fun to have Mad tea parties once in a while….:-)

    Absolutely. Keeps you sane!

  14. I know the last date went whizzing past Anita, but participate I will πŸ™‚ I was in the Himalayas on a mountain climbing trip and am back now πŸ™‚

    We’ll make room at the table. πŸ˜€

  15. Great party Anita. And thanks for bring out Poori Bhaji back to the table again. I hope to make this at once a month from now on. A Sunday brunch of Poori Bhaji does make the weekend kinda festive :).

  16. hey i don’t see my pooris and bhajis at the party 😦 did u finish them already ???

    Sorry, πŸ˜€ . So, you too were amongst the one’s who forgot to leave a link! All fixed now.

  17. Yippee πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I am still tipsy from all the partying. Drunk on Pooris for sure and happy as can be. Thanks for the lovely party. Lets do it again soon.

  18. Yippee!! Glad to come over to your party, good job of inspiring us to do these.
    My doctor hubby says we all need to eat 30gm of fat everyday to keep our skin healthy and supple! One more excuse for me!;D

  19. Congratulations Anita on the fst anniversary of A Mad Tea Party. This is truly one of the most enjoyable sites I have visited.

  20. Hats off to you Anita!! That was one kind of a party. There are food blog events but this was totally out of the world….. one by one people came out of hibernation and churrned up ballooned puris! It was more like a puri bhaji revolution going around….

  21. Hey,

    that was absolutely a finger licking round up..:)a hell of a party and what a delicious way to celbrate Independence day..
    count me in to fix a lil something the next time you plan a virtual te’te-a te’te..:)

  22. hi anita…
    feeling really happy to be there on your party …not being a very good cook….i saw my name on such a marvellous blog…participating….thankyou so much for hosting it to us…the new ones…
    thanks again !!!

  23. Wow, looks like I missed one rockin’ party… Hope you are going to host some more mad parties here… And congrats on the century Anita… πŸ™‚

  24. What an awesome party, Anita! It was fun even to just watch and vicariously eat puri-bhaaji (hectic settling-in time at work meant that I never did get to participate).

  25. and this is your 100th post?!!! Oh dear…that be a lot of recipes for me to try yet. 😦

    Thankfully I found the bharleli mirchis and cabbage pakoras early on… πŸ˜€

  26. Well, well Anita, it was good party indeed, πŸ™‚ enjoyed participating in the poori party of yours and the big collection of pooris you got !!

  27. Anita – Can’t believe that I also missed such a great party; I was away on holiday. I do plan on trying the recipe soon! Congrats on achieving a “century” (this from someone who only recently learned century was a cricket term!).

    A ton, a century…very British, I guess. Do try the poori – it is much fun to make.

  28. Mine is coming soon… pictures taken… but I left the connector cord back home… so next monday the post will be out… 2 weeks late… but my poori bhaji will help me take my place at the table

    It’s never too late!

  29. hi anita…please check your vinayak chaturthi post…i left you a message!

    That was when I was away for a bit – Bhopal…didn’t get to a couple of other comments too, it seems…(rectified πŸ˜€ )

    Thanks for reading, Anu.

  30. Lovely piece of writing. So much enthusiasm and a wonderful similie. You have a way with words as well as pooris.

    Thanks for reading, tailrace!

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