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Dad’s Drink

In Drinks, Random Musings on January 30, 2008 at 12:15 am

I am exploring my new camera… and it’s taking frustratingly long to re-learn the ropes. I really wish I could just use my ancient NikonF4 and have the film change into a chip somehow… Someday someone will do something like that I am sure. Till then I have to get used to focusing by half pressing to ‘lock’ the focus… grrr.

On a dear friend’s advice I am trying to carry my camera wherever I go and shoot ‘from the hip’. A couple of days back we were visiting my parents. My dad is very fond of his drink and it is natural for TH to sit down with him for one. Or two. The spread of Sunday papers and magazines seemed to be the perfect backdrop and I suddenly felt inspired. So I took a few shots, reviewed them, moved a few things around (the almond dabba), and also managed to get one in focus (amidst all the impatient folk wishing to get to their drinks)!

Without much further ado, it is going to the Click event: Liquid Comfort! And by the next Click deadline, I should have really figured out my camera! 😉

Dad's Drink

Camera: Panasonic DMC-FZ18
Exposure: 1/4 sec
Aperture: f/2.8

  1. You will! You will! These new thingees are great fun. And if you go on this way about “half-pressing”, we will all find out how old you really are.

    Like this shot. It’s different from the ‘styled’ pics in that this tells a story. A real story. Not a setup. I also like the whisky sliding back down the glass. The almonds…very nice. Very comfortable.

    Now give me a one!

    Well, there is no point denying my years…

    You like, me happy 😀 .

  2. yes, me too like the whisky sliding down the glass. it’s even better sliding down the throat. love it.

    The only way I like whisky is as Whisky Sours, but I love the smell!

  3. Any new gadget is frustrating for the first few days. I remember fumbling with the ‘half press’ too 😉 Golden whisky looks perfect.

    Only a few days? If you say so… Thanks for the moral support! 😀

  4. I like how the almonds are placed..

    I just grabbed a handful from my dad’s pile…

  5. You know why this really works? Its such a homely scene.. I can just ‘see’ your dad and hubby downing the drinks over a discussion of cricket/ politics/ whatever… 😀

  6. Lovely shot… and it suddenly made me very homesick… 😦

    Who’d have thought?! My picture tells a story!!!

  7. you remind me of me..when learning new stuffs..i dont know how many times hubby would explain how to use them they just simply dont enter my brain (or i refuse to)hahaha anyways..its been decade i want to replace our cam but they cost really expensive..guess will have to enjoy what i have…:-) lovely shot for bee’s click competition

    I can be pretty thick skinned too…till I decide enough’s enough. We got a great deal over Christmas!

  8. Welcome to the club, of fumblers with new digital camera technology! But your picture doesn’t bear you out. It real good.
    I’m wishing you better luck figuring the camera controls than I’ve been having!!

    Yours doesn’t either! But, still, it is good to know I’m not alone in my struggle. With all the pros here, I was feeling quite inadequate.

  9. Beutiful pic. we also got a new camera but have still not read the manual. still using the old one. and i am not very goo at arranging things for pic so i have very simple pics. urs is looking great

    The manual is just too many things…but we’ll learn as we go. I am not good at ‘arrangements’ either 😦 .

  10. A very genuine click, n honestly i love the idea of carrying the camera around everywhere…you never know what “clicks”!!!!

    This girl does, and catches some amazing fleeting moments!

  11. After a few swigs of your subjects, the half-press business will come to you automatically. 🙂

    LOL! I might have to try this! What’s to lose?!

  12. Reminds me of the opening words of a famous Hindi song, “Chhalkaye jaam :).

    Very nice click, Anita!

    Thanks, Musy. Cheers!

  13. I still don’t know what all of the buttons on mine do- will yours take short films as well? If so, you can plug the cam into a VCR or DVD player and watch it or a photo slide-show on the telly! Either way, no more keeping track of film and bringing it in for developing!

    And that is a big PLUS! But I need to get going on them buttons, or that very talented friend of ours (the one with all the photography awards) is going to have lots more advice for us…

  14. Lovely shot Anita!
    Besties with the camera… am sure you will do great work with it 😀

    (My fingers are crossed. That helps?)

  15. hi anita
    the picture frame is nice. Just try one of the picture editing software to increase the brightness..and thats it ! the perfect picture. You may play around with contrast,saturation, hue etc

    You think? Well, I’m liking the dark drunken-ness… 😀

  16. Didn’t realize I’d not commented…who’d know you’re using this for the first time??? In any case, you’re always posting those “wish I could have one” pics all the time 🙂

    I just get lucky! 😉

  17. I throughly enjoy my glass of whiskey. It surely relaxes me and I enjoy its taste.

    I am a cocktail person… and like whiskey sours.

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