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Modern Western medicine has changed our lives with its clinical approach to diagnosis and treatment of disease. Along the way it became the mainstream approach with older systems getting the tag of alternative medicine. Of course, there are reasons to encourage and protect this mindset.

Practitioners of Western medicine, while finally admitting to the efficacy of meditation and yoga in keeping ailments such as hypertension (and many others) in check, find it difficult to explain how with their empirical scientific methods. Yoga, or homoeopathy also have no negative side-effects. Unlike much of modern medicine. (And you must check out this definition for homoeopathy! Seriously!)

Naturally, the winners of the no-side-effects approach are patients – not drug companies, not insurance companies. Patients find it hard to finance such ‘alternative’ treatments in the current arrangement between medical practice-drug companies-insurance agencies.

nasturtium yellowBri, a fellow food blogger, would like to do just that – explore other “alternative treatments” to fight breast cancer. She has been looking at various options in addition to chemotherapy. Her health insurance, unfortunately, does not cover holistic alternatives which she would like to try. She is going through intensive chemo and other treatments and needs to focus single-mindedly on healing and finding what treatment works best for her.

Jugalbandi, with the June edition of Click, has organised a fundraiser to help Bri finance one year of such treatment that is not covered by her insurance. The theme for the month is Yellow, a colour that has come to be associated with the fight for cancer.

The deadline for participating in Click is June 30, while the fundraiser will continue till July 15, 2008. Details on how to participate and contribute here.

The beautiful flower at the top is Calendula, a popular annual in our winter gardens here. Of course, it is edible! You can use the petals in soups, scrambled egg, or make your own healing balm! And it is my entry for this special edition of Click!

Update, June 16: Flowers, even edible ones, were inadmissible!Β  The Khandvi picture at the bottom is the Click entry!

fruit sellers
Some more yellow for you.


(You want to know how to make this delicious nutritious almost-fat-free snack? Here’s the recipe! πŸ˜€ )

14 thoughts on “Blooming Bright

  1. Ahem, mixing blogs again, I see! Why not link to the lovely blog that holds the recipe for delicious khandvi? πŸ˜€

    Thank you very much for participating in Click again! Great to have you back! Noodles was the last one, ya? And thank you also for publicizing the fund raiser for Bri. Hugs!

    You wish, madam, is my command! πŸ˜‰ The new camera had crippled me I think! It really has been a while and this picture is from the old camera still!

  2. Puhleeze,

    The notion that homeopathy is anything but quackery would be laughable if not for the real life tragic consequences it has.

    It is all too fashionable too beat up on western medicine, but one would do well to remember that it is western medicine — or as I like to call it: rational, evidence based medicine — that has made it possible to cure many previously “uncurable” diseases and in general, increased our life spans. It has improved the understanding of the human physiology to the point where we can construct specifically targeted drugs including cancer drugs.

    While I’m sympathetic to the notion that pharma companies are, on balance, evil bastards, I’m much more appalled at the credulousness on part of the ostensibly educated when it comes to pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo. The triumph of politics over clear thinking.

    The Cleaner

    Dear Cleaner:
    I don’t think I was disputing the wonders of ‘modern’ science and medicine. But our scientific knowledge is still rather limited by the instrument. There is much of value in what is traditional; just we haven’t yet explained it all in a rational way.
    Modern science goes back (and forth!) on its scientifically proven cures and findings all the time. And I don’t need to discuss medical negligence or malpractice and it’s consequences… Targeted treatment – yes it is getting better. All the better for all of us!
    What would be truly rational is to keep an open mind – we did find nano particles after science told us that the atom was the smallest bit. Just because it hasn’t been proven by evidence, doesn’t mean it cannot be. Many practitioners of modern medicine are looking at a more holistic approach to treatment and healing. And why not take the best of everything that is available? Being rational also means knowing when to explore the different choices, of course.
    Cancer treatment involves subjecting our bodies to toxic drugs, which cause harm to healthy cells as well, despite the targeted treatment. There are ways conventional treatments can be combined with traditional treatment, for a better quality of life. Mere extension of life span is not what all of us desire.
    Staying positive can help us put up a better fight. Even doctors who practice western science say it makes a difference, only they can’t yet tell us how. If combining conventional treatment with traditional methods can make us feel physiologically better it is easier to stay positive.
    Nature works in complex ways and we haven’t figured it all out yet. Neither modern science, nor ‘alternative’ medicine.

  3. Let’s not get distracted from the real point – Bri needs support. Let’s keep focused on that. Thanks Blooming Bright for posting this and helping to raise awareness. The response has been miraculous with over 50% raised already. Go Bri. Hugs to all donors.

    Right, vegeyum. Let us stay focused, and stay positive! Yay to all the donors!

  4. Hey Anita,

    I lvoe your yummy blog.The yellow is a such a cheery color! Not to nitpick but I think you got that funny definition as you spelt it as homOeopathy instead of its regular spelling as homeopathy. I guess that extra O led to extar fun!!

    Great work for the fundraiser!

    Happy Blocooking!!:-)

  5. Amen Sistah! Thank you for your passionate post and very rational response to “bhangi’s” comment. I am taking advantage of both traditional healing methods, and Western medicine. They both have merits and from what I’ve seen the highest success rates in handling modern diseases come from integrating these different modalities. I so appreciate you supporting this amazing grassroots fundraiser that is doing a lot to ease my mind about the mounting bills. Thank you, and best wishes to you.

  6. Just want to say “Rang de basanti” for this one! Truly, your post embodies the spirit of this month’s click at its best!


  7. Almost fat-free snack eh? πŸ˜‰ It is addictive…so I’ll vouch only for it’s yumminess today.

    Very nice post Anita, and though I could say much for and against modern medicine(yeah, I think the East/West division is moot as: advances in research are made all over the globe, there is also a large body of traditional western medicine on hand, and the effects of the so-called “brain drain” from your very own country have gifted us with many fine people in the field- most especially so are those familiar with both modern and Ayurvedic, etc.), I’d rather not begin lodging complaints against HMO’s, certain physicians, and pharmaceutical companies- all in pursuit of economic gain (or did that count?). What I will say is that I totally agree with you in that much can be learned in this world of ours with an open mind; one that says: “I know much less now than I did before…” Kudos to you! (And also my beautiful chiropractor) πŸ™‚

  8. perfect, I love these, married to a gujju family, its a sure thing to be made especially on festive occations. Lovely picture of a perfect farsan. BTW, I am hosting a ONE DISH MEAL event, and I would love for you to participate. The details for the event are in my site. Will look forward to a recipe from you.

  9. To address the extra ‘o’ thing: Homeopathy is also written as homΕ“opathy or homoeopathy. The last is the common usage in India. The first is used in the US.

    Over 100% raised well before the fund raiser ends! Yay!

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