It’s all coming…to-get-her!

coming together now

Happy Independence Day, people!

We are combining it with Raksha Bandhan celebrations here today.  Raksha Bandha is actually tomorrow but there’s a solar eclipse, which is considered inauspicious…

Yes, I have a party on my mind – a batata vada party!  Have you deep fried yet?  Hope to see you at the party!

getting there with the batata vada

frenzy of action

21 thoughts on “It’s all coming…to-get-her!

  1. ooohhh I need to get my butt in gear so that I don’t miss this one!

    Yes, take a break from all the picnicking…and bbq-ing…for some old fashioned deep frying!

  2. Happy Independence day and Happy Raksha Bandan. Hope you have a great celebration and loads of fun. The pics are awesome.

    We had a load of fun! And exercised my freedom to stay out of the kitchen at dinner time!

  3. Wow, this looks so good. I wish there was a real party where I could go and eat this dish!

    It is as real as you would like it to be – get a bunch of friends together and have yourself a batata vada party! Less work too, that way!

  4. I am completely with Victoria on this! I wish this was a real party instead of a virtual one & we could get to actually taste all those different Batata vadas that will be pouring in 🙂 Now I must have put on 2Kgs just thinking about that prospect 😉

  5. Or onions! She’s cheating! She’s making the innards of a samosa or something, dipping it in besan, frying it and passing it off as batata vada.

    Um, this entry should be disqualified!

    Just stop complaining and get on with the frying. The proof of the pudding will come from your kitchen.

    And I can only pray that the samosas you get wherever you get them from, do not have onjuns in them! The thought!

  6. that looks good! we are combining the 2 together too:) but my bhabhi si the one doing all the cooking:) hehehe

    wish you fun for both the occasions!

    Bad girl – go help her! 🙂
    Hope you had a fun rakhi with your family!

  7. Yes, it is confirmed that this entry is not valid.

    The final product is nowhere to be seen. So there is no proof that is indeed batata vada. It could be the stuffing for samosa or “pattice” or paratha or anything else for that matter.

    Show me yours, and I’ll show you mine. 😉

  8. Happy Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan. (I know I’m a bit late with these.)
    I’m almost ready for your BW party, just need to put up the “theme” for public consumption first!:)
    Btw, just thought I’d mention we’re having a lunar eclipse.

    Let’s have them roll!
    It’s a lunar eclipse! Then why the problem with the day?! I never get these superstitions…which is, perhaps, the basis for them!

  9. So Manisha will be making the pure, stripped-away-of-wandering-regionalism, authentic, Bombay kind and sharing a recipe with us all?! How exciting!!! I am sucking on one of her lime pickles to keep myself calm!

    I am praying there will not be an anti-climax after all the excitement-generating comments from her regarding authentic vs. fusion… I am the eternal purist, BTW.

  10. Anita,

    I love the way you write your recipes and have been a huuuge fan for quite sometime! Yours is one of the first Indian food blogs that I thought was absolutely wonderful and so well written. I started my blogging endeavor just a couple of weeks ago and here’s my entry for the deep-fried soiree 😀

    Thanks for joining in the fun, Sheetal!
    (Also, for the nice words! 😉 )

  11. Ack! Another party! I haven’t even gotten around to making the poori bhaaji yet!
    And um, what are those two yellow balls hanging out by the steel barthan?

    Hold the poori; fry the batata vada first!
    Those yellow balls would be limes – juice to be mixed in with the potatoes!

  12. Hi,

    This is regarding comment #6 about your posts being in the Sigfood aggregator. a sort of a news feed which links to the recent posts of various interesting food blogs. The links point to the original blog only. Uptil now I haven’t seen anyone not wanting to be in the aggregator since it drives traffic to their website but since you do not
    want your posts appearing there I am removing your rss feed from it.


    – cnb

    Thank you for doing that!
    It is one thing to link to my posts by giving a glimpse of it – and quite another to reproduce entire posts, pictures, comments, and all… Searches that should lead here might go first to your site, driving up
    your traffic…And if my post is reproduced in its entirety on your site, why should anyone need to come here?

  13. Anita! I don’t usually fry stuff… but last year, your poori party finally made me try my hands at Poori, though I didn’t officially participate. you got me this time!

    Batata vadaa, eh? have eaten that from office cafeteria when I lived in Pune. yummy stuff. hmm… I’ll give it a try. See you at the party!

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