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Gimme Red!

In on the side, This and That, Vegetables on January 28, 2009 at 2:58 pm

Quick.  I need your opinion.  This one is my entry for Click: Red! To get these juicy tomatoes I made a trip to my local vegetable market so I could have tomatoes with their green bracts still attached!

(salad recipe here)


For Click: Red! I’m was leaning towards #2…liked the mood there.   But you are all right, the tomatoes are looking their best in #1!

Thank you all!  First one it is – the official entry for Click: Red!

  1. I like the first one better. The tomatoes look so fresh & inviting there 🙂

  2. FIRST ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. like the first one! lots of texture and atmosphere in it!

  4. first one! fresh does it.

  5. First One, Definitely!

  6. I like the pear one.

  7. I love the first one

  8. the 1st one looks gorgeous

  9. While the first one is gorgeous, RED is lost with everything else around it. Second one is simple, RED is prominent with a little bit of contrast. I like the second one.

  10. I meant to say, the third one is simple……I like the third one.

  11. I love the first one!

  12. I like the 3rd too…

  13. i like the first one better…you can see the tomatoes very well and theres more red in it!! go for it!

  14. First one for sure…as it has the fresh red vegetable on the topic. It also has a hint of the dish on the side corner. And the natural light (how lucky) is perfect coming from the right side. I just posted my click picture on my website. :-))

  15. second photo.

  16. Okay, can you delete the previous comment? And I stand by the choice though 😀

    First one.

  17. Like the first one…It looks good with closeup..It looks fresh too//

  18. I like the 1st one best.

  19. Although, the pear pic is simple but elegant… i think its also a little clicheed….i like the very 1st pic…as others have put it …the tomatoes look really inviting….good luck!

  20. first one for sure!! lovely red texture and freshness spelt all over.

  21. there is more RED in no. 1.. my vote goes to No. 1 for sure..

  22. they are all lovely. i would go with the 1st one. it is sensual, which will touch the judges on a visceral level, and the composition is classic. the negative space makes you hungry, and it is synchopated, like jazz.

    i vote 1! 😀

  23. I think you should go with the first one…

  24. I like the mood of no2, but I like the water on the tomatoes look in the first one… I think no1 appealed to me more! nice makes me want to eat one!

  25. Number one for me.

  26. Number one for me also

  27. loved the second one,..

  28. First one !

    Look who’s here! Let me have you know that you have been missed!

  29. Thanks everyone for your opinions! I am glad that two of you picked #2…but for Click it seems I will have to go with the overwhelming majority! #1 it will be!
    Thank you all for playing along!

  30. The first one. Thanks for the beautiful pictures and the recipes.

  31. I would go with number 2

  32. the first one

  33. I guess I am late – but number 1 🙂

  34. I’m late 😦 1 or 3.

  35. Hi Anita..
    I’m late here.. but the first one is the one!!!

  36. I chanced upon your blog looking for Punjabi Kabuli Chanas and am hooked.
    You remind me of Delhi winters and for some reason your “Khushwant Singh” genre of writing makes me very nostalgic about Delhi.

    The pictures are the icing on the cake.
    Thanks for keeping us “Delhi walla NRIs” hooked..:)
    BTW the chanas are a hit! Coming from someone who never cooked all her life in India! Spoilt Army kid..that’s me.

  37. first on surely looks very beautiful!

  38. Oh! I’ve made this salad! I can vouch for its edibility. 🙂
    I like mater portrait #1 as well; not only does it look like its straight out of a nice cookbook: it also features that salt-bowl you planned on sending to me! 😀

  39. it’s in the hosts’ pick top ten on that strange gaudy blog.

    😆 Yay!

  40. I like the first one. Nice photo!

  41. Sorry, Helicano, but I got first dibs (and note) on the salt bowl. The pepper mill, too. You can have the tokri cos she already sent me one, and the olive oil and the tomatoes, which might be rotten by the time they get to you. Har! har! Har!


  42. Eh…I’ve had enough of the maters and EVO: made a mater/wine/cream sauce yesterday so’ve had my fill fer awhile…but a tokri! She sent you a tokri?! I want a tokri too…

    What’s a tokri?

    She is so bugging you… 😆

  43. Gorgeous pictures, you captured the essence of red very well!

  44. wowe….you are a very good photographer

  45. […] Nanna Adige Seared Duck Breast with Pomegranate Juice Reduction @ FotoCuisine Juicy Red Tomatoes @ A Mad Tea Party Kulambu Milagai Podi @ chocoed cherry @ food for thought Berbere […]

  46. This is my first time to your blog, it is really lovely and I will be back!

  47. So you won????????????????

    No, I didn’t… But being nominated is honour enough 😉 !!!

  48. First one is quite lively and fresh!!!

  49. Wow! Those tomatoes are sooo red!

  50. Both are great clicks! But I think the first one is slightly better:)

  51. I love your photography. So natural and un-pretentious!

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