Getting into Spring: Paneer Tikka


Spring is here and Delhi is a riot of colour. There are the myriad shades of green and now the blooms. To all this, Holi added its bright colours this week.


It has been a while since we joined in the revelry that Holi is but a party is always welcome. My MIL would always make fruit salad on this day. But who can handle all that cream in this day and age. One Holi we ate homemade pizza and ordered ice cream. If I feel like I will sometimes make gujiya, the traditional Holi sweet here in the North.  [Some other traditional Holi recipes here.]

This year all I did was cut up great looking purple carrots and start the process of preparing a cooling fermented drink… (yes, Pel are you listening?) As it turns out, it is a traditional drink for Holi second only to the frothy bhang! It is an apt one alright – with that deep purple colour…

While you wait for that recipe, here’s the one I promised last time – great party fare this one too.

paneer tikka
Paneer Tikka

for the marinade
4-5 cloves garlic
1/2″ piece ginger, peeled and chopped
1/2 t red chilli powder
1 t Punjabi garam masala
1 t cumin, roasted and ground
1 T oil
juice of half a lime
3 T yoghurt

for the tikka:
400gms paneer, cubed
2 red onions, halved along the equator, sectioned
1 green pepper, cut into chunks
1 C button mushrooms
a tomato or two, sectioned into eighths

In a blender or food processor mix all the marinade ingredients. Pour the marinade into a large bowl. Put the paneer cubes into the marinade and refrigerate covered for upto an hour. Add the prepared vegetables to the marinade 10 minutes before assembling the skewers.

Turn on the broiler. Alternatively, you can roast them over coals. Assemble the tikkas by skewering the marinated paneer and vegetables, and broil for 5 min. Turn the skewers around and broil again till the paneer and the vegetables are spotted with black. If you don’t have skewers (and round ones are a waste anyway – the vegetables and paneer just keep slipping into the same position), just spread everything on a foil-covered baking sheet and broil. Serve hot with a mint-coriander-green chilli chutney and a twist of lime if desired.

And, oh…that was not all I did this past week…
potato chips


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42 thoughts on “Getting into Spring: Paneer Tikka”

  1. Gosh, that tikka is to die for. What is the last pic all about?

    Ummm…one way to preserve potatoes…not that you need to since they are available year round… Potato Chips!

  2. Looks really good.

    Hey, I finally made your garam masala today! My house smells fantastic thanks to you!
    I went a bit mad and did it with pestle and mortar – my hands are aching now. It took ages to crush the cardamom skins. In fact, I didn’t succeed completely in that.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to cooking with it.

    With warm thanks to you and your late MIL,

    How wonderful that you made it! It is so simple and transforms many a dish with just a dash!


  3. I’m the only fan of PTM here 😦
    But it looks sooooooooooo good that I would like to make just for my self!!

    You should! You’re worth it! 🙂

  4. Oh Anita, I miss Kanji!!! My Dadi used to make it every winter and it is the best drink ever along with aam ka panna. I am looking forward to the kanji recipe. Do you think it can be made with carrots that we get here in the US?

    Those carrots tasted like regular ones…but the colour won’t be the same! Maybe cheat with a few pieces of beetroot…?

  5. Hola!

    I love the first and the thrid picture..

    ncie compositions… and lovely tikka! 🙂 looks like a killer!

    🙂 Hey, Skeety! This tikka even you can eat!

  6. If my daughter could see this, she’d demand it be made right now! That’s how much she loves paneer.:)
    And potato chips?

    The she’ll definitely love these! Potato chips…coming soon!

  7. Isn’t there an ingredient left out of that bhang recipe you linked to? Just wondering. And this “one recipe behind” thing MUST end before it becomes a habit! It’s making me wait on pins and needles for the next post, and then, before I know it, you’ve done it again! It’s like a soap opera…

    That recipe left out the main ingredient! (Changed the link, thanks.) It was plain old thandai instead of bhang ki thandai! And of course, you would spot it! 😉
    😆 It’s more like a ‘trailor’…a hint of what is to come…

  8. P.S. My hat is off to Maninas for making use of the mortar-and-pestle…way to go! Don’t forget to sift! And to think: some people are still using their food processors- how tres gauche! 😀

    Elbow grease is good thing… I did a bit of that too…a happy compromise shall we say? But ponding garam masala that too the the one that uses un-roasted spices has got to be a LOAD of work! My hat is off to her as well!

  9. I am jealous, big time! You are making Kanji!! Where’s my share??

    How have you been doing? (Apart from enjoying the kanji, that is :)).

  10. this paneer tikka sounds perfect, will be trying soon.
    thnks for bringing back memories of kanji, my favourite is the fattening pakori kanji

    How can kanji be fattening? Ah, you had too much of it! It is hard to stop after just a small glass! 🙂

  11. even my mom got home made chips,..;-0will try ur paneer tikka recipe for sure,..wish u hppy holi,..belated though…

    And the one that look like mesh – are really cool!

  12. Paneer Tikka looks yummm, giving that all the ingredients are in my pantry/fridge, there is no reason for not making it today!

    And you have a party!

  13. Paneer Tikka is looking delicious. But what I am more interested in are those jali wala potato chips. Longing for them here….

    Sigh… I had meant to get to them jiffy quick…

  14. I love your blog, I love the way you write, your pictures, your stories…you make me soooo nostalgic about Delhi. Love the paneer tikkas, they look gorgeous:)

    The power of food memories… 🙂 Thank you for reading, Ranjani!

  15. I love your photography too..not more than your food though…I tried stir frying paneer last week and it came out good…Thanks for sharing anyway…

    Good paneer is good any which way! Thanks for dropping by.

  16. you “ordered” icecream? now, that’s the good life. i miss them kulfis, esp the pistachio kulfi.

    Some shortcuts are worth the time! 😉

  17. AMTP is part of my bookmark list. I tried the Punjabi Cholle recipe and was smitten from then on. Incidently it’s the best Cholle recipe I have ever tried. I grew up in Delhi. I now live in Colorado. Can’t tell you how nostalgic your writing makes me……..

    🙂 Thanks Jo!
    I feel nostalgic about Colorado sometimes….

  18. Perfect looking paneer…this is the first time I’ve seen purple carrots, what an amazing colour !! I am not a big paneer fan, but this looks so good…

    It is definitely a less common colour for a vegetable… Tastes good too!

  19. Made paneer tikka last weekend and it came out perfect. Thanks for the recipe.

    Now we have to try with chicken tikka…

  20. Na, I shall stick with paneer because I am a ghaas-phoos eating person.

    Hmmm… I’ll have to try it then!

  21. Made this again yesterday and ooh was it good.Will just a Thank You do?

    Sure! And you are very welcome. 🙂 I too think it is time to make them again!

  22. Hi,

    First time on your site and I loved the flavour of your blog. Panneer tikka masala looks yum…Will be back again…


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