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Along the Konkan Coast

In south Indian, Travel on July 31, 2009 at 7:47 pm

paddy fields...from the train

Idyllic six days of soaking in the monsoon…literally as well.  In these parts, it never rains – it only pours!  I’ll begin at the beginning but am fighting deadlines – how oft am I allowed to use this as an excuse? Also, I have a house full of guests; does that count?

bananas from the coast
Local bananas = ambrosia.

Are these cakes and biscuits bright or what?

udupi bus standAnd what do we have here in the basket?!

Yes, it is a Quiz!

  1. I missed your other posts! 😦

    Your son is in Mangalore? 😀 Or a Karnataka Engg college? 😀

    Okay – I dunno what that is inspite of being from K’nataka 😐 Is this like a contest?

  2. At first glance I thought its ‘Kewda’ (Kedage in Kannada), but it looks a little bigger, so I am not sure…

  3. Ooh, love the “velchi kelis” (those tasty baby bananas). Are the paddies lush or what?

    I don’t know what the thing in the basket is 😦

  4. Shilpa (AR) will be here soon.

  5. Oh and you forgot the whole RMT spiel. It was your turn at it, wasn’t it?

  6. Oh Anita! Is there a prize? Those are ofcourse bettlenut buds. When they open up the flowers are offered to God.

    He he… anything bright and sunny is appreciated here in the South then why spare the cakes and biscuits ;)…after four plus years in the south those bakeries still remain unexplored. Exceptions are macaroons which my friend Deepa gets for us from Mangalore.

  7. That’s what it looks like in Goa too, except for the Kannda script.:)
    We drive down to Cochin and back, about once a year and never get tired of the scenery. Don’t know if you have seen the Maravante beach stretch near Kundapura. The road runs parallel to the beach and its beautiful, especially in the monsoons.

    The mystery question? Haven’t a clue, though I’ll probably say “I know that”, once you tell us what it is!

  8. I think they are beetlenut blossoms !

  9. my guess – banana stem?

    now i am really intrigued! what IS that thing?

  10. guess 2 – coconut/arecanut stem?

  11. Did you have the macaroons? Those are not to be missed! And how I miss those bananas.

    Nice to get a taste of home through your pictures. 🙂

  12. Those are the tender flowers of coconut tree,called as singara in kannada. They are mainly used as offerings to gods,is also used in some Ayurvedic medicines.

  13. I still think it is the aromatic flowers (I had forgotten name, V and my bro said they are called kedige). But then we also think it may be coconut flowers – kedige is usually little smaller than coconut flower (coconut flowers dont have aroma, but almost look same). Could not show to aayi as their internet is actig up, so its all us guessing it 🙂

  14. beautiful pictures Anita…as far as that quiz, no idea..and I really don’t want to tax myself..:))..will come back to check it out!

  15. oooh, lookit that! fat ‘velchi keli’!! the paddy field pic is wonderful.
    CAnnot guess what it is in the basket…. probably something used in a pooja(?)

  16. RMT mangta. Nahin to quiz nahin ho saktai.

  17. Mmmm.Bananas!Wonder what is in the basket though?!

  18. NIT surathkal? my alma mater…

    the paddy pic is soooo beautiful.. makes me wanna go home NOW!
    and Manisha’s right. that is pingara…

  19. ah u are travelling again..what fun. what’s in the basket? the other kind of palm fruits?that’s what i would want.:)

  20. I don’t have a clue whats in the basket. anyway nice post and the pic of bananas i remember my childhood here in usa i don’t find them often.the paddy feilds pic is very refresshing.

  21. Ping…ping…ping are you there? It’s pingara!

  22. It is called Bhingar in konkani… no idea of names in any other language. used in the gowri puja 🙂

  23. Kewra? I love your writing and recipes. Keep it up!

  24. Don’t know which flowers are these but loved the lovely post and beautiful photos!

  25. i am a native American, 3rd generation in my mother’s family, and second or third in my father’s. i am 1/4 Polish, 1/4 German, and 1/8 each English, Irish, Scottish, and Waelsh. (if i can believe what my maternal grandmother told me once upon a time, i have a trickle of Aboriginal American as well, but by the time i asked for specific details her memory was spotty, and she claimed to never have said it at all (who knows?).

    i am in LOVE with Asian Indian foods,movies, music, jewelry, fabrics/clothing, cultures, and peoples; and your emails are always a happy blessing in my inbox. i have learned so much from your blog (and the comments/replies), and i am truly grateful for the work you put into this! thank you.

    P.S. i have NO CLUE as to what is in the basket, but i cannot wait to find out!

  26. Betelnut flower

  27. Hey… do you want colocasia leaves? I’d have brought 2 bunches if I’d known… they are sold aplenty in Kasauli… and they grow just everywhere!

    Or if you’d strike me a deal of some sort, I could make the patrodo itself and share it with you… 😉 what say? Your birthday treat is still pending, remember? 🙂

  28. as always, ur pics are wonderful, anita!!
    i havent a clue wat that last picture it some sort of a bark??

  29. Talked to aayi yesterday and she also said it is Bingra patti (like Raaga mentioned) – arecanut flower. This is offered to god

  30. Hi Anita, I have been visiting your blog for a year now..yes am a lurker, delurking now 🙂 Better late than never right 🙂
    Not sure if you already know, Goodhouse keeping has listed madteaparty as one of the top five indian food blogs. Congrats!! In case you get your hands on the Aug edition it’s in the recipe section.

    Once again, keep up the great work.

  31. so when do we get to know?

  32. hi. just wanted to let you know that i love your blog and your love of india and all things indian. have tried some of your recipes and they are superb. keep up the good work.


  33. i may have to just go to see the green carpet– people who have gone can’t stop raving about this. a friend of mine just took the konkan railway for the heck of it –she says that itself is a vacation. well, she is from bombay. can’t blame her. she will jump with excitement even seeing a green leaf

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