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Potato chips anyone?

In on the side, Potatoes, Under 30 min!, Vegetarian on February 10, 2010 at 11:52 am

potato chips

Winter seemed almost over.  The sun was out from behind the fog and days were back to being like they are in Delhi – bright and shiny.  There were signs of spring and I was determined to turn over a new leaf.

You have to make the most of spring in my neck of the woods; you blink and you might have missed an entire season.  Not so fast.  We are back to gloomy overcast days; with added rain, for good measure.  Which is all fine; who needs summer along before spring has had a chance.  Just that I decided to put the sunshine to good use and make a batch of home-style potato chips which are an essential ingredient in my chiwda.  Long story short – Lord Indra got a whiff, took a peek, decided to stay.  I thought I would get around him and make sure I had chips that stayed white as if they had received their two days in the bright sun.  Yup, the sun does different things for different people – some it bleaches, others it tans.  Determined to save my chips from browning I heated the oven, turned it down all the way to barely warm, set my cellphone alarm for 10 minutes, and went up to the office with my cup of tea. One hour later…

potato chips
Yes, these are from last year’s batch! 🙂

Well anyway, it was good weather for potato soup, which is what we ate for dinner last night.

potato chips

I had meant to share the method for making these chips last spring.  Better late than never.  There is sunshine after rain.  Get yourself a couple of kilos of the new starchy potatoes that are in the market at this time and make yourself some old fashioned chips, the kind you find sold in heaps on carts in the weekly markets.  There was a time, not all that long ago, when these were sold at every bus stop in Delhi; thick chips made fiery hot by a very generous sprinkling of crushed red chilli flakes. One look at these and I am back to college days reminiscing; how romantic those hours of wait at the bus stop now seem.

Potato Chips

2 kg (about 4lbs.) new potatoes

potato chipsPeel and rinse potatoes. Slice potatoes to desired thickness (1mm-3mm). You can do this in a food processor in 5 minutes. The first time around I used the old slicer which has a blade that can be flipped to make regular of rippled slices. To get the net-pattern, use the ripple blade and turn the potato 90 degrees after every slice. They give you thinner chips with a pretty pattern. Of course, it takes longer.

potato chipsRinse the potato slices in a large pot filled with cool water. Do this a couple of times to wash out the starch. Drain. Heat a large pot with water. Add salt (I used 4 t for the above quantity) and bring to boil. Blanch the potato slices for 2 minutes (keeping the pot on the burner). Drain. Spread slices on layered muslin to dry in bright sun till completely dry (2-3 days). Store in airtight jar.

potato chips
To fry, heat oil in a heavy bottom pan till very hot. Fry the chips, a few at a time. The chips will expand and the colour will change. Do not brown. Drain with a slotted spoon and immediately sprinkle with chilli flakes. If you wait till you have fried the entire batch, the chilli flakes will not stick to the chips; they need that glimmer of oil to hold on to. The chips can also be fried ahead of time and stored in airtight containers.

I welcome you back to The Party with these chips and a cup of tea. I am serious about that new leaf I intend to turn over.

BTW, I can now crochet!

Inga's bag

  1. I got sunshine but I also got snow. Maybe in summer when you have rain, I can try this? 😀 I recognize some of the potato chips from last year’s batch. I have some I could fry but lately I have restricted the amount of swimming we do, so…

    Nice Haekelbeutel! I must say that whoever taught you long-distance via step-by-step pics did an excellent job!

    Oh and please tell me when you find that leaf you are going to turn over. I could do with some leaves, too.

    …or you can try the oven dehydration trick as long as you set the alarm for 10min
    after, not for the current time! Despite all the swimming I think I stayed within my 15gm fat limit for the day. The chips you see in that picture, that is all that I fried! Moderation, remember?

    I do have some really good friends who go to all kinds of lengths…And I test their patience one time too many.

    I don’t know if I can send leaves; maybe you wouldn’t mind some podi? 🙂

  2. Oh, my mom usually make it exact same way. 🙂 I used to help her with slicing, drying and etc. Your post reminded me a lot of oldies. 🙂 I have not had homemade potato chips since ages though. 😦
    btw, you crochet bag is beautiful! 🙂 I must learn it now.

    Time to make some – chips as well as the granny squares!

  3. mmmm perfect chips look so good,..even my mother goinna prepare them soon as she prepares this every year,..lovely post and the crochet bah looks too good,..

    Thank you!

  4. i want some of those… the delicate jaali pattern is so pretty

    Should I expect a knock on my door this weekend then? 🙂

  5. Hey, that’s a beautiful purse! I want it!!! (Envious!!!)

    I could give you lessons…or, better, the link to my very patient friend’s Flickr album!

  6. Love love those delicate jaali chips ! The thundershowers were amazing – but yes, the next day squelching through the mud on a shortcut through the park to drop daughter to school was so not funny!

    Actually I was glad about the cool weather – it was too warm too soon last week.
    It was nice to be able to hug the cup of tea for a little longer!

  7. I remember making the jali chips with my mother every summer- it was quite the production (on a large scale) but lots of fun as a kid.

    Your Inga’s bag is adorable.

    My mum-in-law’s batch used to be 5kgs! She would make kees (grated) specifically for use in chiwda.
    Thanks to you and Manisha, I now have this pretty bag! And coasters!

  8. I need to hide this information from my kids! We’re just recovering from an intense ‘fry ’ems’ addiction!

    Love the bag! Wish I was making as much progress on my knitting!


    It’s all good! And these are so much healthier! Relatively speaking, of course. 😆

  9. Anita, I so need sunshine now, I’ll take anything you bring. I have never made potato chips or even watched it being made. Looks awfully good.

    When the sun does come out, make these and store the sunshine for the blues! 🙂

  10. Hi…….Anita
    Lovely chips…..the jaali pattern is wonderful…..the chips look so tempting……
    And the bag is cute too….

    I love the bag – it is just the perfect size for me!

  11. Hi Anita,
    I am so used to get chips from market.. i must try ur chips..
    more than the chips I want that cute little purse of yours..
    good 2 see you after many days..

    Try the chips – they are real easy.
    Glad to be back!

  12. This is my first time hearing of dehydrating them first! And what a splendid idea- lots could be prepared and sliced ahead-of-time for quick, last-minute fun for parties…or breakfast. 😀

    Wait…is this another potato recipe?! 😉 Very beautiful they are Anita.

    I think these are a lot like the taters you get over there in packs for making scalloped potatoes – you know the kind that are so salted they make you puke? I bet if they were fried you would get these! That way you don’t need to use that packet of salt that comes with it too! Or you could use elbow grease and leave out margarine entirely.

    I thought it best to fall back on the potato after the long hiatus – always a good idea!

  13. reminds me of my grandma! love the crochet bag!

    Err…what exactly reminds you of grandma? The chip-making or the crocheting?!
    Am not there quite just yet…

  14. great waffle potato fries…nice going


  15. Scalloped potatoes with ham (sometimes ground beef) is a popular dish in these parts! My mom would make it often “back in the day”- I never cared for it, but it was (and still is I think) one of my sis’ faves though- most unhealthy: thick-sliced potatoes layered and baked with white sauce and tidbits of meat. Danny’s mum also still makes it fairly regularly using ham-leftovers, and not, I pray, on days that I’m visiting. 🙂 (She is always eyeing me suspiciously with my small-portions-to-be-polite) 😀
    But now, those “instant” scalloped potatoes you speak of- (I am thinking of that made by Hamburger Helper?) I never touch any of that stuff- way too salty as you say, plus I don’t trust the ingredients of that dreadful sauce-pack!

    I came by one of those packs cause my mum-in-law thought they made a quick ‘bhaji’ in a jiffy and brought a few samplers for me…I think the regular aloo subzi such as potato roast or something is quick enough.
    I wouldn’t trust the sauce-pack either what with that strange list of weird ingredients! But I can imagine how fresh scalloped potatoes have to taste great – potatoes+butter+milk+salt+pepper(+optional meat) – a lot like my potato soup!

  16. I have never had home made potato chips and after seeing this post I think I need to change that fast! Would love to see your recipe of potato soup too.

    …follow the link for the soup recipe!

  17. Yup, those thick aloo pattas with lots of red chilli powder! I miss them! We used to get them from the Tilak Nagar market ;). And that’s one pretty purse!

    Such a typical Delhi sighting – I knew you would agree…without needing to recall an older generation! 😉
    Have you picked up that crochet hook yet?

  18. Under 30 mins? Now this is something I want you to watch you do, apart from slicing an entire cabbage into angel hair in less than 1.5 minutes. If it’s just the frying of those dried slices that you’re talking about, that is so so so so so wrong, Nanimaa Badi Didi.

    The given quantity of potatoes can be processed in that time! You have a lot of watching to do when you finally visit – just pick the right season – winter for the above two activities.
    For you, I am not that much older…I know, there’s a lot of kiddies blogging about food or what?

  19. Oye, who said anything about visit? I’m coming to stay.

    Hmmm. And all you plan to do is…watch…and keep time?

  20. You KNOW she’ll set you to work trimming the cacti and fixing drinks…

  21. aw! can i have some? please? pretty please??

  22. Anita, oh finally u had turned a leaf…how long I should see the curry leaf powder post! But I can forgive u for some crispy chips and hot tea…I am sold..And looks lik the crochetiing has grabbed all bloging that the thread came all the way from US?

  23. Good to see you back!!


  25. aree yaar delhi ki yaad aa gayi…now I have to eat those chips with lots of lal mirch….I know home made are good but any bus stop wale bhaiya ke chips really tasty….Love your crochet purse….

  26. Looks very pretty indeed – this is one thing that no one ever geared up to make at home. The vettals and vadaams plus some pickles were all that were made to make use of the terrace and the sunshine…Glad to see another fun post after a long while 🙂
    You just a beginner in crochet and that’s looking like a masterpiece already!!

  27. Oh there they are again! I am always tempted by these chips on your blog. It has been ages since I have tasted them and if the weather here would permit, I would make them right now!

  28. hi,
    Read that u r in Delhi. Am interested to learn what brand/model machine r u using to cut that potatoes in that pattern. [i luv these potatoes n always buy them. want to try making at home, hence this query].
    Tnx so much.

  29. Better to have your potatoes turn to toast in the oven that what I did one time. I was frying potatoes on the oven. Sat down to watch the Brady Bunch (I was 14), and then I heard a poooof. Fire. I sprayed it with water. Mistake.

    I love that photo of your chips from last year. Look like they tasted great.

    They were. The browned batch tasted a tad, well, smoky? 🙂

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