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Sourdough Bread

In Bread, Vegetarian on July 11, 2010 at 11:15 pm

My best loaf!

It has been a busy summer in the office despite the short break from teaching.  The son is home after completing his first year of college.  No, I have not been busy cooking for him.  Young men who need not work through the summer prefer to spend long hours playing mind-numbing games on the Net.  This cannot be done during daylight hours because the computers are occupied by parents working to pay college fees.  Nights turn into days and days into nights (for the son) and we are lucky if we catch him at lunch.

It was good that we whisked him on vacation the moment he was home and managed some ‘quality’ time before he could react!  Around the same time my sister also visited us and it was great to extend the vacation and spend time together.  Even she was complaining that I haven’t been very regular with my blog posts…

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