Let’s have a Tea Party!

A Mad Tea Party

Image Credit: The Victorian Hub

I think a Tea Party is a fabulous idea (thank you, Aparna) –  what could be a better way to celebrate another year, the fourth, of A Mad Tea Party! The posts may not have been frequent this year but the blog managed good press.  It made it to the top five Indian food blogs on Good Housekeeping magazine (okay, that’s not such a big deal, but it is still good press :)), and starred in an interesting documentary, Feasting, Fasting,  on NDTV24x7.

the tea pot

Around here we really don’t need an excuse to throw a party.  But, an idea, a theme is fun.  In fact, that is how the Party started; we got talking on healthy eating and before you could say ‘no-fat’, we were frying!  A Party is not about making yourself ill, but it is about indulging yourself occasionally, giving yourself the break you surely deserve.  Since the theme this year has veered towards Freedom and the Responsibilities that come with it, we are all free to bring whatever we like to the Party!  Roll, fold, steam, boil, fry, or bake; sandwiches or scones, treacle or tarts, teacakes or coffeecakes, shortcakes or cupcakes (or muffins!), biscuits or cookies, samosas or pakoras, dhokla or muthiya, masala peanuts or chanajor garamyour choice! Get a few friends together, if you can,  and have yourself a real Tea Party.  Cook as much or as little as you like.  Yes, it does have to be a Tea Party, the madder the better! No Breakfast, Brunch, or Dinner recipes; I am hosting a Tea Party!

the teapot

The rules are simple:

at the tea pot

  • Have yourself a Tea Party sometime in the next 3 weeks (Deadline: September 10), write a post about it (exclusively for this event), as always, with or without a recipe :D, telling us about the fun you had (how maddening it got, if you invited your mad friends), maybe, include a picture of the family/friends enjoying the tea-time.
  • Too hot to cook? Go out and have some tea at your favourite cafe/tea-shop!  The portions will be right, and you don’t have to do ‘nothing’! Write a post about it, and how you really enjoyed it!
  • Link to this Independence Day post .
  • Leave a comment here which will lead us to your post! You may, if your service allows, use a Pingback and it will automatically show up in the comments here.
  • Don’t have a blog? You can still join the party; just leave a comment here about how you enjoyed your tea party! Feel free to provide links to any pictures you may have posted on a photo-sharing site such as Flickr or Photobucket or Facebook.

Most of all, have fun at your partay!

the teapot


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42 thoughts on “Let’s have a Tea Party!”

  1. Aha! that is The Tea pot!!! the speciality tea restaurant in Fort Kochi! Is there one in Delhi too? Am in for the party.

    It is the Tea Pot!

  2. So I’m not really a food blogger (just a foodie), but this sounds like too much fun to pass up…I’ll be joining in the fun… 🙂

    Yeah! It is important that you do! Readers (who are not bloggers) must show their support too!
    Besides, as you said, it is going to be fun!

  3. Ooo! I have been wanting to have a tea party at home since I threw one for an opening reception at a theater. Thanks for the impetus! I am traveling to the food bloggers conference next weekend and then for labor day though, so I don’t know if I can get it in before Sept. 10 😦

    Not everyone arrives on the dot for tea; you essentially have till I post the round-up!

  4. Mooli parathas, chhunda and tea. That’s what I insist on bringing.

    I doubt you are up to that much of kneading, stuffing, rolling and pan-frying… there’s going to be a lot of us! Methinks you should stick to cakes, or batata vadas now that you have such a neat trick up your sleeve for them… or khandvi, if you don’t want to fry!

    1. Sheesh! That’s the height of self-promotion! But I’m so glad you are link-happy cos all your traffic is now belong to me. Say, will you do another guest post for me? Then you will have yet another recipe to link to on my blog. That’s the only way to get bloggers to link to other blogs and drain their precious PR. 😀

      🙂 Thanks for being my friend! A guest post – sure, why the heck not!
      Is it April already? Then we can add further confusion….

  5. Just saw the ‘Feasting Fasting’ documentary. Congratulations on being featured and also for being among the top 5 Indian food bloggers!!

    Thanks for watching, Aparna!

  6. Glad you liked my idea. Nothing quite like tea party. 🙂
    Hey, do I have to host a party to get invited to yours? I thought I just had to bring some food along and have fun at yours!

    It is a party even if it is just you and the food! Yes, yes, bring the stuff over to my place – I am busy cooking up a a storm!

  7. have made a coffee flavoured buttermilk cake for the party. have linked it to the Independence day post. check when time permits.

    Thank you for bringing more cake, Sayantani! There is nothing called too-much-cake! 🙂

  8. Anita, tx for dropping by and checking. I shall “cook” better next time..never did think of the masala chai thing…guess its good I didn’t try my hand at food blogging 😀

    Hey, no one is the expert here!
    The event does not require any cooking whatsoever!

  9. Oh I missed it!! I had so many parties..summer and tea parties..!! next time I guess!! Love your blog!! Fantastic initiative and congrats on your achievements!


  10. Well, Anita, as things have it, I’m afraid for the first time I won’t be able to participate properly in this celebration- my time is being yanked in too many directions right now; but… I wish you the best, and also to your delightful blog that has provided me with grand entertainment for my tea/coffee breaks- congratulations on yet another year!

    Here’s one of them – the laggards…sigh.
    There might be still some hope in waiting for the music and the rock-and-roll!

  11. I kept thinking about why I didn’t participate when you had this in 2010… and now I realize… it was the timing of it all… first trimester, our move to Singapore… but we caught up twice in that period, so no regrets. 🙂

    You had very valid reasons!
    Now, the challenge is to come up with a new challenge!

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