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Peanut Sambal

In Chutneys, Dips and Spreads, on the side, Tea Party, Under 30 min! on August 25, 2011 at 10:20 am

peanut sambal

[As is usual, this post has been a few days in writing…]

I hope you are having a great feast today on our beloved Krishna’s day of birth.  Today we celebrate a God whose myth recognizes and cherishes much in our very flawed human lives: the innocence of childhood, a mother’s love, the exuberance of youth, trusted friendships, the power of love, and duty above all.  He has been the inspiration for artists, musicians, and writers through ancient time and present.  His love of food, particularly fresh churned butter, laddoo, and of course, Sudama’s sattu makes him a legendary foodie as well.  While today your feast may consist only of vegetarian, grain-free dishes, tomorrow you might want to have a different party.

On most weekend evenings TH and I sit ourselves down with the tipple of choice and munchies such as these on the side.  There is usually a dip: fresh-made tomato salsa or tzatziki.  On Sunday, when the maid gets her day off , I celebrate my freedom from having to supervise her.  I know – you can’t live with them, and you can’t live without them.  In any case, I am planning to get the maid out of my kitchen for good.  She has been sick and out of circulation for the last three months and I have honestly felt more in charge of my time since I don’t need to disrupt my time in the office to plan her work!  It is so much more efficient when I plan for myself.

But I was telling you about our twosome weekend parties.  One such evening I decided to put my tiny granite pestle and mortar and make a satay-style peanut dip for us.  I didn’t have any peanut butter on hand so I made some.  I haven’t used peanut butter out of a jar since.

Peanut Dipping-sauce

3-4 fresh chillies, the hot kind (preferably red)
2 cloves of garlic
2-3 shallots (or 1T chopped onion)
3/4 C peanuts, roasted and skinned (or about 1/4+ C peanut butter)
1 t soy sauce
1 t fish sauce
2t lime juice
jaggery (substitute with a sweetener of your choice)
hot water
salt to taste
(all quantities are approximate)

Take the roasted peanuts in the jar of a grinder and blitz till you have peanut butter of desired smoothness. In a pestle and mortar pound the first three ingredients to a paste. Mix in the remaining ingredients adding hot water gradually till you have the consistency of a thick dipping sauce. Taste for salt; remember both the fish sauce and soy sauce are salty. Serve with plain crackers or vegetables cut into batons.

I tried this dip with the blue cheese crackers but they do not pair well; two stinky foods together are too many! A little bit of the strong smelling stuff, just like the hint of fish in this fish sambal, and you have a winner!

peanut sambal

skirtI have been up to other things…I finally found the time to inaugurate the Fashionmaker I bought last year.  I stitched a skirt for my niecelet! Before that I used to stitch on our antique Singer.  My carbon footprint just got bigger but it might help me recycle more!

  1. When I opened the page I saw the first pic on the top, and said to myself, this looks like Ganesha…but I see things, so.. Then I started reading, and was stunned that you had the Ganesh Festival in mind anyway… Now the hair on my arms stand on their ends… Prayers for your happines dear girl…


    OMG! How uncanny is that! I didn’t notice till you said so!

    Well, Krishna was on my mind…but Ganesh Chaturthi is right round the bend!

  2. Love love love satay sauce! And yes, I use peanuts too and not peanut butter, so much nicer. Looks creamy and yumm.

    I do tend to mince mine to peanut butter though…I have to try the other version of peanut sauce that requires cooking. Do you make that?

  3. Hi Anita, I think we bloggers sometimes are wired is a certain way. I made guacamole recently and paired it with crackers. This was my first success with avacado. Posting mine soon. I’ll try this sambal with the fishy thing ;). Nice colorful skirt.

    Hi Anjali! The fishy sambal was really good; you could probably spot the kind of fish as well. Not very ‘smelly’ even.

    • Oops! I meant without the fishy thing. I’ll skip it!

      BTW. did you celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi today? I’m hosting an event till 6th. All you have to do is share about your celebration and I’ll collate all the posts. Planning to collect atleast 21 posts from blogger buddies. Ganpati Bappa Morya!

      Sigh. Don’t seem to post much these days, Anjali…the link love would have been welcome actually! Next time perhaps…

  4. Bilva is right! I see the Ganesh in the peanut sambal, too! You might have to appease Krishna somehow though.

    Poor Kumari! I hope she recovers from whatever ails her. If I got rid of my maid, I don’t know what my family would eat. 😉 She isn’t the easiest to live with either. Especially lately.

    Don’t say no to all peanut butter until you have tried Costco’s organic peanut butter. I’m in love with it and I think it will work so well in Thai recipes. It has peanuts and salt. No sugar or any of those additives that come uninvited in the other jars.

    I might make this soon. But I need to get the really good fish sauce. The stuff found in the American grocery stores is quite sad. My Filipino-Chinese-Vietnamese friend calls it patis. But tell me, the Vegetarian eats this?! Interesting!

    I think K has recovered now; she then decided to pay a visit to her village. Should see her in a day or two… The other maid is very regular though, you know. 😉 No off days for her. On top of it all, she is also a great cook!

    We don’t get organic peanut butter…just like we don’t get good tequila. But we have mangoes! 😀 Make it, it is goooood and is ready in hardly any time, especially if you use your ready organic peanut butter!

    • You, my dear, get everything you want! Organic peanut butter is definitely within your reach, which is why I mentioned it.

      And, the tequila was not good? 😦 Poo. I’ll try harder next time.

      😀 That I do! With indulgent friends and family it is to be expected…
      Who said anything about the Tequila being bad?? It was goooood. I thought of you with every sip I took…

  5. Lovely dip…just that I would have to leave out the fish sauce. Nevertheless, I am gonna try it.

    The fish sauce does give it a distinctive flavour. Experiment with some other stinky ingredient and see how that works. What are the stinky vegetarian foods other than hing and garlic now…?

  6. Tried this one out with fresh peanuts instead of the handy jar one. Really nice.Thanks for the idea. The cooked peanut sauce is next on my list with fresh peanuts. Something like a satay sauce.

    What did you serve it with? Healthy bites I hope! 🙂

  7. This looks wonderful, my only question is if you could substitute something vegetarian for the fish sauce…or leave it out altogether???
    We love our raw crudites with dips, so this is just in time to use up all the cukes, tomatoes, peppers, and what not pouring out of the gardens here. Lovely!

  8. Served it with steamed cauliflower,carrot sticks and tofu squares.

  9. I see Ganesh too! How cool is that!?

    I love this sauce- or one very-similar (sate). It’s good for many things! Corn-on-the-cob for one.

    Hello there, Pel.
    Haven’t tried it on bhutta…Tis the season for corn-on-the-cob here!

  10. Just mouthwatering…looks so easy to prepare and delicious!

    Thanks, Kalyan!

  11. yum it looks…lovely pics here…kudos!

    Thanks! I will make them for you when you visit!

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