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Getting ready for Divali with multigrain waffles

In Bread, Tea Party, Under 30 min! on October 21, 2011 at 8:34 pm

Divali is round the corner.  I always take some time off from work for this festival, usually the two days preceding it.  That gives us enough time to prepare a few of the traditional goodies.  My offerings are tame compared to the quantities and variety my mother-in-law used to make.  But it is also a smaller family now.  With the son away at college it is just TH, the father-in-law, and I.

This time I have an additional two days, the weekend, starting tomorrow.  I am hoping to translate this into more goodies; perhaps even try something new.  Thankfully, none of us have any diet restrictions, not even my octogenarian father-in-law!  I ordered the groceries today and my pantry is stocked.  Much is on the cards – the usual namakpare, shankarpare, paparia, sev, chakli, ladoo, and karanji for the day of Lakshmi pooja.  Like always, I am going to be making my own flour mix for chakli.  I will also get milled the mix I prepared (last year!) for thali peeth – the mix of lentils and grains is waiting for the right amount of rice to be added before it can be ground.  I am like that; not on top of all things in the kitchen.

multigrain waffles

I am going to start the Divali weekend by making a wholesome breakfast of multigrain waffles.  You know what happens when come Christmas all the American food blogs explode with pictures of gorgeous-looking waffles.  That friend of mine did the same a few years ago and didn’t hear the end of my lament.  Of course, I could find waffles in Delhi if I tried hard enough but my theory is that unless you know better, the fancy eateries here try to fob off one thing in the name of something else altogether.  Why else do you think I would make my own bagels or bake my own cheesecake?

My whining got to her and and soon I was the owner of a little waffle iron of my own!  I had meant to post this recipe soon after but you know life happens and intentions don’t mean much unless… So much time has passed since that I cannot find my notes and so cannot share an exact recipe but I think it was based on this one.

Multigrain wholegrain waffles

kootu ragi buckwheat floursequal amounts of the following wholegrain flours:
kuttu (if kuttu and buckwheat are the same well, then you know the proportion)
baking soda
baking powder
melted butter

In a bowl combine all the dry ingredients.  In another bowl whisk the eggs and the melted butter, and then mix in the buttermilk.  Add the wet ingredients to the dry and mix well.  Let rest for 5 minutes.

Heat the waffle iron.  Pour a little of the waffle mixture (how much will depend on the size of the waffle iron).  Follow manufacturer’s instructions for cooking.  Remove the waffles from the pan when they are golden (not like the burnt ones on the picture!).

We ate these with honey and butter.  Tomorrow I plan to serve them with some of the apple and orange marmalade I made earlier this month.

Some ideas for Divali snacks:
Easy chakli
all time favourite – ribbon pakora!

Before you go, I have a small bit of news to share.  The last couple of years the posts here have been less frequent.  I have used the excuse of work.  Well, I have something to show for the work I do away from these pages.  Thank you for reading!

NPM Citation

  1. Hi, Congratulations and a Happy Diwali!

    Thanks, Sapna. Happy Diwali to you too!

  2. Congratulations Anita! proud of you 🙂

    Thanks, Anjali! 🙂

  3. Congratulations Anita, such a lovely news right tin time with the shakarpare for Diwali 🙂

    Yes, good news in time for the festivities! Thanks, Sandeepa!

  4. Congrats Anita

    Thank you!

  5. Congratulations, Anita! 🙂

    I’m not making much for Diwali. (on an aside, it’s interesting you spell it as Divali. Any particular reason for that?)

    When I was in the US, I dreamt of making goodies or bhakshanams as we call it down South and sending it across to family and friends with a personalised note. Now that I”m in India, I don’t know when Diwali crept up on us with all the work. I’m keeping it as a resolution next year and hopefully, you will get something in your mail 🙂

    Have a good time and hope your son has fun in my part of the country!

    Thanks, A&N!

    I spell it like that because I am sick of hearing “Dee-wow-li!” 🙂 The other day I hear “Dee-wo-li”…” (instead of the correct “the-vaa-lee”) on an Indian channel by an Indian voice! have you noticed how the English news channels say “lokaa-yukta” – no one knows HIndi/sanskrit anymore! We will wait for the West to reteach is our own language. mark my words..

    I am keeping a very hopeful lookout for next Divali – love southern snacks!

    The son gets just a day off but I hope they and visit the Krishna temple not so far away.

    • Who is to say that is should be w or v? The Indian sound lies smack in the middle of the w and v English sounds. Besides, the word is derived from Deepavali and when it is written in its long form, it is usually v.

      That aside, she likes to be different, you know! 😉

      Oh and what is with all those terrible god-awful accents on the Indian-English channels?

      What difference man, same to same I am.
      It is sad to see our news journos go out of their way to get the American and French names/terms right and then refer to the Americans to pronounce Indian words!! Queen’s English is dead, now Uncle Sam is showing us how to speak Hindi!

  6. Congrats Anita! Now I too know somebody who has won an award from the Indian Government. I have not got around to making anything for Deepavali. I should get my act together and do something.

    Thanks, ISG! 🙂
    I’ll be checking what you are cooking up! I have to take the bhajanis for grinding. Have also prepped for the namakpare which I will start in a bit. Later in the afternoon today I plan to make chiwda.

    • By the way Wishing you a very Happy Diwali.

      Happy Diwali!

    • There you go, confusing your v’s and w’s again! Chivda!

      And I was trying not to be different this time!
      But, truthfully, they seem to say “chew-da” here…at least that is what is sounds like to my ears! But then you know that I might have mixed them up again!

  7. Congrats! So it was work truely!
    Waffle during Diwali is a change and can be good idea for little members of the family.
    I love your blog and hope now that you have got the certificate at work, you will find more time for blogging!
    In Bengal this time is called Kali puja which is a kind of extension of story that started during durga puja. It will be nice to hear mythologies and special rituals behind diwali from Kashmir, Maharashtra and Uttar pradesh.
    Happy diwali and a happy year ahead.

    🙂 Thanks, Chandrima. I never lie – not even on the blog!
    There are no stories to tell about Diwali in Kashmir – it is/was nonexistent! But I have picked up on some Maharashtrians traditions!
    Happy Kali puja!

  8. Oh wow! An award! Congrats.

    Waffles for Diwali huh? I am afraid waffles never appealed to me. But all the other stuff you mentioned? YUM. I have made a lot of your diwali recipes with great success.

    Happy Diwali to you and family Anita and thanks for the continuing good recipes.

    Thank you, and Happy Divali!
    Well I’m not a big fan myself but they look so good! I find waffles/pancakes a good way to combine so many grains in one wholesome breakfast dish. I might be trying a savory version soon…The goodness of the grains made me go on and on and I got a lot done for Divali that say!

    • Savoury waffles? Well now you are talking! Waiting eagerly for this one!!!

      I have an idea… 🙂

  9. Awesome Anita! Congratulations!

    I came here to post a comment on Bharleli mirchi, saying I tried it and it was well taken by the family and I see good news

    Thanks, AAMom! It is time for bharleli mirch again! I made this season’s first a week ago.

  10. After so much waffling, they made it to your blog! Glad that waffle pan isn’t sitting forlorn and unused in some dark corner somewhere!

    Well, you know that I think you deserve the 1st prize. Too bad the memorial won’t be as fabulous as it could have been. But I’m sure you will continue to shine!

    😀 They did! I want to try try Belgian waffles but they need to be planned a day before. The pan is definitely not in the corner where strange creatures lurk. Have just cleaned up one of the side-cabinets with utensils – emptying quite a bit.
    I am happy to have friends who believe in me! It would have been great to get the opportunity to design a public space of such prestige though.

  11. Happy Diwali! Those waffles look delicious! And I don’t even like sweet stuff for breakfast!

    Happy Diwali, Miri!

  12. […] Getting ready for Divali with multigrain waffles ( […]

  13. Congratulations Anita! and Happy Diwali.

    Thanks, Mandira! Happy Diwali to you too!

  14. Wow! congrats Anita! May be you shd show a pic of your work as well. Would love to see it. Never tried multigrain waffles, your recipe is bookmarked!

    🙂 Yes, maybe I ought to!
    Try them, and maybe make some jam to put on them!

  15. Boss aap kitne khana banate ho? nice postie though 🙂


    Ab apko jaldi he pata lagne wala hai! 😉 Didn’t get to all that I thought I might! 😀

  16. You must try waffles doused with syrup (preferably maple) sometime… very much like gulab jamuns in final texture. It’s been ages since I’ve made or eaten waffles… I think of making them, but then talk myself out of it because of the accompanying carb-overdrive- maybe this season I will! Yours are tempting me.

    Yep, kuttu=buckwheat.

  17. Congrats Anita, Time for Divali Wishes is gone but it’s not too late to wish U “A very very Happy New Year” . Haven’t tried to make waffles yet….but waffle iron is on my wishlist…..

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