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Come to the Party!

In Tea Party, This and That on October 2, 2012 at 6:05 pm

A Summer Tea Party

Everyone is invited!

The rules for having yourself a Mad Tea Party are simple:

  • Cook one or more recipes inspired by Lewis Carroll’s famous Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, between Aug 21-Sept 8 Sept 22), write a post about it (with or without a recipe :D ).
  • Call a friend (or friends – the more the merrier) over for tea and have yourselves a party! If possible, include a picture of the Madness you enjoyed.
  • Too hot to cook? Go out and order a cup of tea and tarts (or whatever you fancy)! The portion will be right, and you won’t have to cook in this hot weather! Write a post about it, and how you really enjoyed that!
  • Link to this page, which will be updated to include all the entries. You may, if you like, use a Pingback and it will automatically show up in the comments here. Or leave a comment here which will lead us to your post!
  • Don’t have a blog? You can still join the party; just leave a comment here about how you had yourself an Alice inspired Mad Party!

(This was earlier published as a page and might have been missed by some!  Even though now too late to join this party, I am republishing it as a post)

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  3. Anita,
    Loved the look of your lima cake… bookmarked the recipe..will def try it out…
    And I seem to have missed the Tea Party of the Year :((

    Hopefully, we can do it again next year!

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