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Gathering Around the Table for Tea

In Tea Party, This and That on October 15, 2012 at 12:57 pm

Thank you for sitting down to tea with your special ones and taking a moment for yourselves. It was good to sit down to tea with some of the readers of this space. Winter is round the bend and it was good to cosy up with old friends.

Rameshwari and her two boys were the first ones at the table. They had bread and butterflies! They made all kinds of sandwiches: nutella, jam, spiced cheese, and carrot, and decorated with little hearts and diamonds of beets and cucumber! Using the cooker as a make-shift oven they even baked a chocolate cake! At their table was a caterpillar, a bunny, a robot, and sundry other characters. It was all washed down with some lemon-mint iced tea. What a crazy, Mad Tea Party they hosted!

Next was Of Curries, Sauces and Such with spicy jalepeno and pepperjack sconesShe was joined at the table by her husband as they enjoyed their tea and scones!

Jam tarts are synonymous with Alice.  I decided to finally try my hand at baking then.  I made tarts with lime marmalade, and mango jam.  I also attempted a recipe for a treacle filling with kakvi – liquid jaggery!  I served it with strong coffee for those who cared for it and the rest just drank water!  The tarts came together so quickly and with very little effort that I have promised to make them more often.  I always have jars of homemade jams in the fridge to use up!

Raaga, the Singing Chef, had the same idea and fought jetlag to bake some lovely jam tartlets!  It had to be jam, because it is not just any other day, but a special day for madness!  She too does the 50-50 trick with wheat flour and maida!

Since I was still waiting for some friends to arrive, I decided to bake a cake while we waited!  The lime cake with its limey-glaze was a great way to celebrate TH’s birthday which ended up being completely lime themed!  This time there were pots of Tata Gold tea to go with the cake.  I had wanted to write ‘Eat Me’ on it with sultanas but the glaze was so tempting. . .

Manisha’s Party turned out to be over-the-top crazy!  On her table were characters from all over town!  And yet, they all resembled the One-and Only, Her Royal Learned Madness!  That picture speaks more than words! Don’t miss the clock and the cat! Her table displayed all kinds of tea cups and tea pots, with as many types of teas in them!  There was Orange Pekoe black tea with homegrown lemongrass, Oolong green tea from Viet Nam, Ginger tea from FabIndia, and even pretend-tea from Darjeeling! For munchies there were crackers with her crabapple-peach chutney, and ginger cookies.  To take the spicy theme further, she served a Swedish cake riding on the fragrance of cardamoms, the quintessentially Indian of spices! Remember with cardamom, a little goes a long way!

Nupur brought up the tail, with a fabulous Birthday Picnic inside a historic pavilion in the park for her little girl and neighbour boy both turning one!  There were samosas and sandwiches, and dips of all sorts: ranch dressing, sweet potato hummus, pimento cheese and a 3 layer dip, salads of many kind, and several types of cakes even: tres leches cake, a chocolate sheet cake, lemon bliss cake and no-added-sugar date cupcakes!  Party favours included sugar cookies (shaped as butterflies!) stuffed into home-stitched reusable sandwich bags!

Thank you, ALL, for coming!

  1. Makes me want to go and have another party all over! Lime cake maybe! 🙂

  2. And what a fabulous party this turned out to be! I’m sipping my morning cuppa right now and wishing I could conjure up tartlets and cake. Thanks for being a fantastic host.

    Thanks, for coming to tea, Nupur!

  3. Anita,

    My boys have got bitten by the Mad tea party bug!!!!We had two more tea parties, one was actually a brunch. But with crazy characters and food that did not complement each other in anyway, Chana Masala,cheese pasta and Idly, anyone!??!! Who cared as long as everyone got what they wanted and were happy.

    But I must admit the enthusiaism of the kids is infectious and the bonus is that they set and clear the table and keep out of mischief for a while:-) Thanks for getting us started on the mad tea parties. Here’s to more such parties and more fun.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work.

    Win-win, all the way! Keep downing those cups and all the fun goodies!

  4. fab fab party this..wish I’d made something as well…never time I will be there too 🙂

    Look forward to having you at the table next year!

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