The workshops are back!

I have the workshops planned for October, 2017, all around baking with yeast. First, we try our hand at instant commercial yeast (Saturday, Oct 7). Next we learn the basics of natural yeast starters – sourdough (Sunday, Oct 8). There’s a discount on this one if you’ve attended any one workshop earlier!!

The last one, scheduled for Sunday, Oct 29, is a very special, day-long workshop where you learn about baking using wild yeast to create an arisanal loaf which is sure to spoil you forever – you’ll never buy another commercial loaf ever!

Come, join me in my kitchen in Delhi!

2 thoughts on “The workshops are back!

  1. Hello,

    My husband is interested in baking with yeast workshop. Can you give more details about timings and place of workshop. Also 3000/- fee is for both the days or each day?


    Best regards, Meenakshi

    1. Hi, Meenakshi. Each workshop is priced different. If you attend Workshop #1, you qualify for a 50% discount on Workshop #2 (Sourdough Basics)! Please email me for details. The location is Swasthya Vihar, a 15-20min train ride from Rajiv Chowk station.

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