Slow-simmered Tomatoes

Slow-simmered Tomatoes


My Workshops are but an excuse for me to cook up new recipes for an unsuspecting crowd. Somehow I have never been afraid to try a new, untested recipe for a crowd of complete strangers who are yet to make up their minds about my cooking prowess. In fact, more often than not, I pick new recipes for grand meals where my reputation is at stake. Most of the time I sail through reputation unscathed.

As was with these slow-simmered tomatoes I selected to cook from an old Bon-Appetit cookbook bought a very long time ago. It was one of the few photographed recipes, duly captioned, yet missing from the index. I had to scan the book, page by page, to find the recipe which was simplification itself. Other than the oodles of olive oil and a really long simmer it asked for little else.

It was the month of December. I had spotted the most beautiful tomatoes and bought a basket full. I had a Pasta class coming up and these would make a great side. Continue reading “Slow-simmered Tomatoes”

Cooking-class Update


The Soups and Salads workshop was fun! It is so much fun(er) to cook in a group!

The small-group cooking class was well received. It was designed as a practical, hands-on class with the participants doing all the chopping, blending, and cooking. I only instructed on what to do, how to do it, and what not to do! Ten minutes into the workshop and I cut my right thumb on the sharp blade of the mandoline slicer after instructing everyone that only I was allowed to use it. I pinched my thumb and kept the right arm raised for a good part of the first hour ensuring that it was indeed a 100% hands-on class ! 😀


We sipped tea as we chopped and stirred. We checked off everything on the menu list in well under two and a half hours.

Following the success of the workshop, the next one has been planned and announced (check the Workshops page). Thank you, for all the encouragement here. Stay tuned – the next post in the US travelogue is almost ready for print.