Apple Soup

It got nippy and there it stayed, just nippy. Kashmiri people divide winter into three sub-seasons associated with the intensity of the cold. Right now, we are in the middle of the 40-day period of Chillai Kalan, the harshest part of winter that starts on the night of the winter solstice. It is followed by a 20-dayContinue reading “Apple Soup”

Gavar (Cluster Beans) with Peanuts

It’s great when you discover a new way with regular ingredients.  It’s even better when the ingredients involved are few and the recipe is effortless.  My friend SK, who knows my love for Southern Indian food, is often my guide and shares new ideas or leads me to lesser known food-blogs that highlight the kindContinue reading “Gavar (Cluster Beans) with Peanuts”

Pickled Grapes

My terrace garden has proved a super-safe habitat for tiny birds! I still see adult sunbirds hopping about in the grapevine. This year Bulbuls too, in addition to the pesky squirrels, have been feasting on the ripening grapes. Yesterday, I took down some ripened bunches from my heirloom vines. I’ll call them “heirloom” to make all of you envious, rather than saying that they have seeds. Giant seeds. Seeds the size of orange pips.

A Summer Tomato Salad and the Winners of Bong Mom’s Cookbook

Hot and Humid. But the early onset of Monsoons this year brought relief to some and tragedy to many.  Engineers (and politicians) will have us believe we can control Nature, twist, throttle, and contort it every which way, without any consequence.  Nature, then, has no choice but to show us what she is capable of. Continue reading “A Summer Tomato Salad and the Winners of Bong Mom’s Cookbook”