[In the March of 2008, this page was accidentally deleted (I am prone to such accidents, some might say), and the comments thereon lost forever…my friends who had noted (in those very comments) the ethereal nature of the virtual world were right…]


2 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hi Anita, I apologise for not really having gone thru your blog earlier…any excuse will sound so lame…its like, Dilliwallahs are the last ones to visit Qutab Minar…you write so beautifully and the pictures are awesome and I have actually tasted some of the goodies in those pictures…do your readers know that photography is also one of your passions…I’m so proud of you…Way to go, gal

    Daer aaye, durust aaye! 😀
    Some of my cooking has been influenced by you!

  2. Everytime I read your blog I am reminded why it is at the top of my favourites list. I drool constantly.
    Recently I have been delving into living/raw/uncooked food(Both spiritual and physical reasons), but I know that I can never eat 100% raw so long as food like this exists. I adore your blog. Thank you. Hours of enjoyment, learning and inspiration.

    Thanks for reading, Jo!
    I think rather than going to the extreme on either end it is better to have a balance. Who knows, it may be even healthier…since we have evolved to eat cooked food! A little bit of raw, some cooked (some steamed, some fried 😀 ) will keep us on the wagon.

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