Ragi Laddoo for Diwali

What better reason to post after a long gap than Diwali! It’s a low-key Diwali at home this year; Baba, my father-in-law, left us recently, and the son is also studying far away. But marking Diwali with some frenzied activity in the kitchen still feels natural and so I made these quick laddoos last nightContinue reading “Ragi Laddoo for Diwali”

Buried under…

This month I have been mostly… …buried deep in work. I want so much to surface, get a breath of fresh air, and share my notes with you. But work takes priority; it does, after all, help pay the bills. I have been eating healthy…mostly. Fresh cooked breakfasts had been sacrificed for the convenience ofContinue reading “Buried under…”