A Simple Marinara Sauce

After a long gap I am harvesting tomatoes in sizable quantities this summer that require processing. Yes, the monkeys have been kind enough to share with us. I have been harvesting around 3/4 of a kilo every two days. The strategy is to harvest them the moment they start to show the slightest bit ofContinue reading “A Simple Marinara Sauce”

Pickled Grapes

My terrace garden has proved a super-safe habitat for tiny birds! I still see adult sunbirds hopping about in the grapevine. This year Bulbuls too, in addition to the pesky squirrels, have been feasting on the ripening grapes. Yesterday, I took down some ripened bunches from my heirloom vines. I’ll call them “heirloom” to make all of you envious, rather than saying that they have seeds. Giant seeds. Seeds the size of orange pips.