mostly about food and cooking, but also the stories about the Bread and the Butterflies!

Food Workshops

The next Workshop:

Artisan Sourdough Bread
Saturday, and Sunday, Aug 4 and 5, 2018 : 

Aug 4: 2:15pm-6:15pm (Short format Cold-retard Sourdough Bread, take your loaves home to bake next morning)
Aug 5: 8:30am-5:30pm (Ambient Sourdough Bread, flour to loaf!)

AMTP Sourdough Workshop 3_1526305663706

Food Workshop

In the Real Food Workshops you cook from scratch using seasonal, primarily local produce! That doesn’t mean tedium – it means fun! In the 3 to 4 hours, hands-on cooking workshop you will learn to cook five recipes suited to our modern lives using seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients.
All ingredients will be provided to you. You will also get a printed copy of the recipes to take with you. At the end of the workshop we will all sit down to enjoy the fruits of our labour! If you like you can opt for a take-away.
Cooking is in small groups (8 people, max.) which means spots are limited. It is not possible to accommodate last-minute walk-ins. E-mail me (mailmadteaparty[at] for more details.
Some of the earlier Workshop themes:




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