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Roasted Banana Ice Cream

In Desserts, Fruit, Tea Party on May 13, 2007 at 10:19 pm

banana ice cream

There are hazaar recipes that we bookmark to make later. Some of them we, thankfully, do get around to trying before they get lost in the oblivion of the must-do lists. This particular list is now threatening to become an avtar of Hanuman’s ever elongating tail. 🙂

Melissa showcased a recipe from David Lebovitz’ Perfect Scoop on A Traveler’s Lunchbox a few weeks ago that caught my eye. I am always looking for what to do with over-ripe bananas. If I buy bananas in excess of one 🙂 , there is always one that cannot be saved. And with inflation at 6%, they are not as inexpensive as they used to be. Besides, I hate to throw food. Barely over-ripe bananas are brimming with goodness and full of flavour. The other thing is that while my son won’t eat bananas, he’ll eat things with bananas in them, banana nut muffins being his favourite banana treat.

I have served baked bananas as dessert many times. Slit bananas sprinkled with brown sugar, lemon juice, and cinnamon, baked till soft, served with or without ice cream. That sugary lemony sauce looks and tastes divine, full of the ripeness of bananas. But banana in ice cream sounded intriguing. And there they were, three ripe bananas, calling out.

Without adding to the preamble let me get to the recipe, which has been altered ever so slightly to use ingredients at hand. Instead of whole milk I used regular (3%) milk with some cream. Visits to all the neighbourhood markets yielded one 2 years old pack of brown sugar. I opted to skip that in favour of regular sugar! Adding some rum soaked raisins seemed like a good idea (they had been occupying precious space in the fridge since I made that trifle!). And, recalling my Caribbean Bananas (that is what that baked banana recipe was called in my book), I adding a little cinnamon as well.

roasted banana ice cream

The result was an ice cream we all allowed ourselves to like. The taste of bananas in ice cream was new to us all, and the garden lemon added an interesting and fragrantly refreshing note. It was concluded a winner! TH, whose palate is all for textural complexity, thought it would be greatly enhanced by the addition of some sort of nuts, such as roasted cashews. We went ahead and sprinkled some on top, and it was good. It was a tad bit too sweet as I didn’t adjust for the extra sweetness of Indian sugar as I usually do. I will be surely making this ice cream again.

roasted banana ice cream
Roasted Banana Ice Cream
(based on David Lebovitz’ recipe as reproduced on The Traveler’s Lunchbox)
Serves 3-4

3 ripe bananas
1/3 C sugar (preferably brown sugar) + 2 T regular white sugar
1 T butter
1 t vanilla essence
1 C milk (I used 3%)
½ C fresh cream (chilled)
1 ½ t lemon juice
½ t salt
½ t cinnamon powder
1/8 C raisins soaked in 2 T dark rum

Peel the bananas and cut into 1 inch chunks. In a glass baking dish take the banana pieces and brown sugar, and toss with the butter. Bake for 40 minutes (preheated to 400F/200C), till browned, turning just once in the middle of the baking process.

Remove the contents of the baking dish into a mixing bowl. Add the all the other ingredients except raisins, and blend to a smooth puree. Mix in the raisins and any nuts, if using, and pour into an ice cream maker to set in the fridge. (I used the plastic container of store-bought ice cream to chill mine, blended it once after 2 hours of chilling.)

roasted banana ice cream

To serve, scoop into bowls and top with roasted cashews and a sauce of choice, if desired. The syrupy sauce made during the baking process would be great – just be sure to adjust quantities to make extra.

A little sweet for all the Mother’s on Mother’s Day today.

This is my entry to Coffee’s Monthly Blog Patrol: Something Sweet.

  1. so you don’t have an ice-cream maker? i’m thinking of buying one, but yours looks like the right texture.
    so maybe i’ll try it your way. tip for substituting brown sugar – 50% jaggery, 50% regular sugar, or use maple syrup if you get it.

    I used to have one and then ice creams got cheap here, and I gave it away 😦 I thought it was taking up precious space!

    I do substitute gur for brown sugar but wasn’t so sure if the flavour would be good inice cream. But I you’re right, if only 50 % of it were substituted, it would have a lesser impact. I’ll keep that in mind next time around.

  2. This one is a keeper, Anita! Lovely recipe and pictures. Home made icecream ki baat hi kuchh aur hai 🙂 Very tempting stuff for summer afternoons! and you are so right about Indian sugar being sweeter 🙂 When i went home last time, i messed up the first cup of chai i made 😀 and then i was like! yeh kya kiya 😉

    But do you think the calories would be the same? That would mean we get fewer calories when using Indian sugar!

  3. Anita, bananas meet the same fate in our home. When they go black, I freeze them in the hope of making some banana bread but then before I know it, it’s time to clean out the freezer and bye-bye frozen overripe banana.

    This one will be my mid-summer treat. I don’t have an ice-cream maker either and I don’t see myself getting one any time soon. 😦 Lots of space but no shelves or cabinets to keep it in. We like our walls bare. 😆

    Happy Mother’s Day to you, too!

    I never thought of freezing them! Just threw out a balckened banana – had been sitting, hopefully, in the fridge for a few days.

    I got this texture by just the one churning after 2 hrs of chilling in the freezer. It was already 11 in the night, and I was not going to check in another couple of hrs!

  4. Intriguing composition of flavours here Anita! Me much like! Reminds me of both bananas Foster and rum-raisin ice-cream…I like the lemon- refreshing against the brown flavours. 😉 Aren’t kulfi-churns available around your parts?

    It was amazing how much flavour that 1 1/2 t of lemon juice brought!

    Kulfi is made with thickened full cream milk, and doesn’t need no churning! It used to be frozen in small earthenware pots, then came aluminium, and now plastic cones.

  5. …and Happy Mother’s Day to you Anita. That is one of the greatest, if not the greatest of, blessings possible. 🙂

    That is so true, Pel. Thanks for your wishes.

  6. Hi Anita, Happy Mother’s Day. Really very nice and fantastic recipe of ice cream. Looks tempting. Thanks for sharing such a nice recipe.

    Try it Jyoti, if you like bananas!

  7. Hi….It looks heavenly……wat a great looking ice cream. Nice one… it…

    Thanks, Sukanya. Easy too, specially in this quantity.

  8. GOSH!!!! Thats the perfect texture of ice cream!!!!!

    Thats so true about the bananas….. once ripened they have to find their place in stuff like these….. but what an awesome stuff that is 😉

    Thanks for this lovely entry Anita. 🙂

    The cream has a lot to do with that texture! And of course, the creamy bananas too 🙂

  9. wow delicious the icecream texture looks right! wonderful steps like roasting the bananas. hmm thks for the recipe sure to try on list!

    Make sure you don’t lose track of it on the list!

  10. I made the roasted banana ice cream too from david’s book….it was awesome…but personally, I think the addition of cream will make it more smoother. Your recipe seems to have worked pretty well without an ice-cream maker…kudos to you!

    So, I was on the right track with the substitution! And the raisins were, oh so good!

  11. Frozen bananas thaw into total mush. But that really makes no difference as they were mush to begin with!

    Here’s another use for overripe bananas 😀

    And a great use it is too! I wish I had kept that banana in the fridge a couple more hours…

  12. He he, i follow your motto when it comes to sugar, moderation 😀 though, i guess you are right 🙂

    Ah! and like Manisha, i freeze over-ripe bananas. they come in handy to make quick frozen delights and banana bread 😀 Frozen banana, frozen berries, pitted dates, and a spoonful yogurt, blend and enjoy a quick dessert 🙂 But this time these bananas have been reserved for baked banana icecream 🙂

    Musical, you are so full of it!! 😉 And you waited this long to start your own blog!

  13. U hv a lot of garden stuff… garden lemon and all.. which part of dilli do u occupy?

    Jamuna-paar! Some of the ‘garden stuff’ comes from my parents’ garden in Noida too, where they have a small house of a largish (by city standards) plot – more garden less house 🙂 That’s where the mangoes will come from.

  14. Anita, that ice cream looks out of this world and you say no ice cream maker. An ice cream maker is overrated i guess. My over ripe bananas become smoothies but this looks even more tasty.

    Hi ISG! Smoothies is a good thing to do with them over ripe bananas – I make ’em into banana milk shakes too. The ice cream does crank up the status a notch.

  15. anita, here’s what we do with overripe bananas.

    Wow! That is glamorous!
    Looks like I am not the only one trying to save the over ripe banana! Let the suggestions keep coming in – a Roundup of ‘using the over ripe banana’!

  16. A,
    Did I get this right? No boiling milk or anything? Just blend is it? You do get good brown sugar in the Fabindia outlets but they are out of stock as of now. I have heard of one store in Bandra that stocks all baking ingredients and pans, such as cooking chocolate(donno of the quality and %cocoa etc) and brown sugar, gotta go check! I love all fruits grilled/baked! Thinking of doing it with apples or pears or how abt pineapples?

    Okay, should add that. I was using boiled but chilled regular milk. But you wouldn’t need to do that for ‘treated’ milk like the kind you get in the ‘developed world’ 🙂

    Brown sugar is available fairly easily; just not in my local 2-min away stores. Will stock up when I venture further. Baked/grilled pineapple ice cream sounds like a great idea!

  17. Ah sounds gr8! Wot all grows in ur own garden?

    I have mint, basil (2 kinds), lemon grass, celery, kadi patta, taro (for the leaves), Hibiscus (I have culinary uses for it!), and pots of other non-culinary plants. And a couple of Champa trees! My potted Rosemary died a year ago 😦 Once my terrace is ready, there will be more herbs!

  18. I heard baked apples and pears in ice-cream 🙂 Wow! Fruit ke saath sab kuchh sahi hai 🙂
    “and you waited this long to start your own blog”
    he he, just then the energy barier was crossed, just then, when i saw fantastic blogs like Mad Tea Party 😀

    Why, thank you, Musical! We are all glad you did when you did! 🙂

  19. And, i knew you would talk about Qabuli 🙂 i remember you and aapke Mr. love it 🙂 i actually was thinking that you would make that for Q!!

    I was spelling it with a ‘K’, I guess! And believe you me, the pictures are all canned too!

  20. Anita, forgot to mention: you can substitute/ re-compose brown sugar by combining 7/8 C white sugar with 1 T molasses…. 😀 Another use for over-ripe nanners? Here’s one that perhaps someone might find familiar:
    Banana Pooris
    225g/8oz maida, 100g/4oz besan, 3/4 t whole cumin, 1/4 t turmeric, 3/4 t chile pdr, salt, 3 ripe bananas,1/4 t sugar, 4 gr chiles, ghee/oil,
    Sift the flours; mix in dry spices; add 1 T ghee/oil to the flour and blend; mash the bananas with the sugar and add to the flour and knead well, adjusting with flour/water if necessary; add the gr chiles; make small balls and roll into puris; deep-fry on both sides til golden-brown or fry with a little ghee/oil on a tava til brown on both sides. I’ve made ’em. Real good.

    I tried Mangalore Buns (banana pooris) once; nothing to write home about. But this version, with the spices, is worth another try. Me likes the ‘parantha’ option a lot!

  21. salt goes with the dry spices.

    But of course.

  22. Anita, I like the fact that each of your posts end up a Mad Party literally with all these comments… 🙂 everyone seems to just go nuts here… 😀
    BTW, that banana ice cream looks great, me too lazy to make ice creams… but this sure looks very tempting…

    Too lazy to make ice cream? Not this one – 10 min of prep time!
    Too sane to join A Mad Tea Party? Not this one, I hope! 😆
    I really got the name right, didn’t I!

  23. I don’t like ripe banana in sabzis. My kutchi friend used to go gaga over banana shaak and it was made specially for me once. I held my breath and ate. Banana nut bread or banana ice-cream? Yum!
    A ripe banana does have a very overpowering taste – the baking, and the combination with vanilla, mellows it out, I think. It is good in sheera though, but it was a while before I liked it that way 😉

  24. Interesting and cute! Do post a pic wen it is ready 😀

    I will. 🙂

  25. Yum Yum… Good enough for a special treat on May 26!!
    From your posts I see that you are expecting your sons board results.. so am I. My DD gave her CBSE X in March this year and DDay is on 26th. I hope I’m on my feet to make this icecream and have not passed out with all the stress. Good luck to you son and you too.
    PS. I am wondering if my earlier msg has reached, this will be a duplicate.

    Hi Angela! Your earlier msg must have disappeared in the ether-net! Good you posted again!

    Thanks for the wishes – so it is on the 26th, is it? And the best to you and your daughter too! If the stress gets to you, go for store bought – there is such a good variety these days.

  26. It is good in sheera, isn’t it?! Like you, I have started appreciating it only now!

  27. Nice recipe! DO you laways make ice-cream(other flavours) this way? blending every two hrs. Or is it the banana that helps with the texture here? No ice-cream maker with me either. And I dare not buy one unless I donate an existing appiance:)

    I always do that for ice creams – it breaks up the ice crystals and traps air to make it softer. That is why cream is critical too, unless you use chemical stabilizers.

  28. Anita,
    My feelings about banana’s run quite the same as your son, can’t stand to eat it it as is, but banana bread/muffins etc. are all very welcome! Roasted banana sounds very tempting. I am impressed by all the chilling and blending every two hours thing you did. Wah bhai wah! what patience and what enthu..
    Re: M’lore Buns, I say give it one more try, you just might find yourself converted…

    Actually, I did the churning just once after it had chilled for two hours 🙂 I’ll try the Mangalore buns one more time, but with some mirchi, as Pel suggested. That was amongst the first few recipes I tried from blogs!

  29. sorry, I meant to say you just might find yourself a convert…

    Yes, watch out for the language police…they are seen here frequently 😆

  30. I really dont like banana’s ..but i also make dessert out of banana last week only ..thks for sharing …

  31. So glad you liked the ice cream….looks terrific! Thanks for featuring the recipe. Happy scooping xx

    Thanks for dropping by, David!

  32. […] churned out this wonderful roasted banana ice-cream from here. The addition of rum soaked raisins and a touch of cinnamo……… […]

  33. i have been a regular at your blog……i loved the banana icecream…….infact i had this rather unusual flavour at BR and was wondering if i can make some…will keep you posted on how it turns out!!

    Hi Arundati (it is my favourite name for girls, BTW!) – do try this ice cream – it is really quick and requires no cooking! Thanks for reading!

  34. What a great sounding ice cream. I keep seeing frozen uncooked banana ice cream at the moment but this sounds truly delicious. Thank you

  35. dear anita, i made the ice cream and it was a BIG hit with the H!! i couldn’t believe that i could actually make something like icecream (first attempt) and that it turned out good…of course i made so many changes that’ll make you cringe!! but it was superb!! thanks for the recipe and inspiration!!

  36. […] of the celebration of the monsoons and my better health was making icecream….as soon as I read Anita’s post on roasted banana ice cream I had to try it…..of course when I got down to actually making it today I panicked because I […]

  37. […] to Meeta’s to check the guidelines for MM # 12 for the ice cream I made with inspiration from Anita’s recipe of roasted banana ice-cream…spent more time than I should have….i looked at all the […]

  38. […] what to do with over ripe bananas? Fret no more!!! Help is here! :)Anita churned out this wonderful roasted banana ice-cream from here. The addition of rum soaked raisins and a touch of cinnamo……… […]

  39. […] “related posts” links at the bottom of a post. Following a link to my site I found this yummy recipe. […]

  40. Hi, quick question – when you say ‘churning’ after 2 hrs, is that in a mixie? or just beat it with a fork or use a hand-churner? Planning to make it today!
    Thanks, Anjali

  41. Hi..made this. It’s completely scrumplicious, apart from being environmentally friendly – the bowls don’t need washing once we’re done.
    I added roasted walnuts, and used a hand churner for the repeat churning.
    Thank you for this recipe.

  42. […] couple of weeks ago I was again confronted with two over-ripe bananas in the fridge – stored in the fridge so as to extend their pulpy lives further – and their demise […]

  43. Does anyone know what a T is?

    It says 1 t of butter, and 1/c I don’t get it?

    Once more… 🙂
    t = teaspoon
    T = tablespoon
    C = cups!

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