Movements and Mah di Dal or Dal Makhni

If you live in India then you have all just been witness to a new kind of activism – the non-violent, light-a-candle protest for a cleaner, corruption-free India.  You may well ask what is new about that – did the Mahatma not start it all those years ago?  I beg to differ.  Those were sustainedContinue reading “Movements and Mah di Dal or Dal Makhni”

Getting it Right

Thank you all, for making time in your busy and (sometimes) maddening lives to indulge me once again this year.  Many of you out there (even the silent ones who show up only in the stats!) have become like friends over the last few years, and what better way to celebrate with all of youContinue reading “Getting it Right”

It’s the Recipe, Stupid!

Happy Independence Day everyone! Discussing the big deal about blogging, India Uncut in a recent post, outlined what it means to blog. One of our jobs seems to be that of critic and opinion maker.  Self-criticism cannot be left out. “Blogging keeps bloggers honest. Bloggers need watchdogs as much as the mainstream media does, andContinue reading “It’s the Recipe, Stupid!”

Mad Tea Party: Express Indian

It was hard to come up with a title that had already not been used!  Quick Indian Cooking, Express Cooking, Simple Indian Food, Quick and Easy Indian Cooking, and my own section, Under-30-minutes! And yet, people want to continue to shroud Indian cuisine under difficult and complex.  Complex – I sure hope it is!  HowContinue reading “Mad Tea Party: Express Indian”