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A Trip Down South

In Travel, Vegetables on October 11, 2007 at 10:07 pm

veggie market
I haven’t gone into hibernation. In fact, I explored a whole new cuisine last week. Get a glimpse into what I did when I went southward…while I extricate myself from work long enough to tell you about how wonderful this gastronomic trip was…

coconut tree


breadfruit tree


veggie market

  1. So much fresh produce! And that tree! That tree! It is just gorgeous!

    It is a beautiful tree in their backyard – between the main house and their office…wonder how old it must be? The leaves are large and beautiful – I wish I could have seen some fruit.

  2. Love the fresh veggies… I am so used to frozen stuff now…:D Ur pics reminded of my village back home with such coconut trees and paddy fields.. Phew.. miss all that..:)

    This city was close to idyllic…

  3. Love the sabzi mandi. I am ready with my shopping bag, lets go shopping πŸ˜€ Am sure, with all this fresh produce, you had a wonderful foodie time!

    I did, thanks to TH’s friend…mentioned the blog because I needed to take pics before I could eat – and there was no looking back after that! πŸ˜€ We went veggie shopping soon after we arrived.

  4. Feeling so jealous! Knowing you, I look forward to another beautiful report. Loved the one on the Kashmiri wedding – don’t recall if I commented on that or not.

    It was a wonderful visit and I hope I can do justice…If only we didn’t have to work!

  5. You make feel nostalgic Anita. When I was in India, I use to look at neatly arranged refrigerated supermarket vegetables with an awe. Coming here, I know fresh is FRESH and always better 😦

    I know! Now Delhi has both kinds but these were really really fresh…some of the vendors were the farmers themselves.

  6. love that last picture…captures India in its essence!

    May fav too!

  7. Which is this place Anita? Why does it look so familiar to me?

    Shilpa – you should know!

  8. beautifl pics anita… which place is it???


  9. beautiful pics, Anita! How much i miss those trips to the veg markets with my dad.. the smell itself is captivating of fresh coriander, curry leaves and ripe tomatoes.

    Smell? What smell?! I went to the fish market later…in the evening!

  10. Which place? That’s the quiz! This is a quiz post without the question. She’s a smart ‘un, this Anita, she is!

    Bull’s eye! πŸ˜†!

  11. Beautiful photos!

    Thanks! And welcome here!

  12. Looks like Kerala to me — and I love Kerala.

    As a huge fan of Indian food, I’m delighted to find your website. Thanks.

    Nope, not Kerala…keep guessing!

  13. It is definitely not Kerala… I think… πŸ™‚

    Is it somewhere in Karnataka? Beautiful pics…

    Ooooh, hot!

  14. Mangalore?? Always love the beautifully arranged fresh veggies for sale πŸ™‚

    Hmm…not too far from Mangalore…

  15. is it mangalore??? looking at that bread fruit tree i feel its m’lore… oh common anita, break silence πŸ™‚

    This is so much fun!

  16. I travelled in the south of India and I found the same colours anche the same veg. in the photo..

    it’s wonderful!

    Yes, a lot of this ‘landscape’ is common to the Southern part of India.

  17. That is what i call frseh veggies.
    Seeing the pic i now know why we all love vegetarian meals in the south

    I, too, love my vegetables as much as my meats…

  18. Anita, I loved the pics, and I’m looking forward to hear more about your trip! πŸ™‚

    Soon, I hope, soon.

  19. What beautiful karelas in the first pic! All the veggies are gorgeous really…and those baskets! And yes, that tree in the paved area- is this where you stayed? I would love to sit and think under its shade. Tell us more- now!!! πŸ™‚

    Just like yours! It is a beautiful tree…and there were quite a few coconut trees too, a chickoo too…

  20. Heaven, heaven, heaven!

    You want a piece? πŸ˜€

  21. Beautiful pic of the breadfruit tree!

    It is! But I missed the fruit.

  22. Madikeri???????????

    Keep guessing…or look around, the beans have been spilled…

  23. I could tell you all but you would have to be really nice to me…

    It was never a secret!

  24. Anita, are you sure you aren’t leaving a clue somewhere where the photos lead to? You may want to moderate this comment. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

    πŸ˜† …I was surprised no one went that route…Anyway, it was never a quiz, and there are no prizes either!

  25. Aw…you went to your favorite town/city…just beyond which I think you will one day live on a farm! πŸ˜‰ How large is this city? And isn’t there a university there?

    Only 300,000 people! Yes, there are many engineering and medical schools…

  26. I think it’s Belgaum πŸ™‚


  27. I think so too! πŸ™‚

    Pel, another new avtaar?

  28. I know so…well, I twisted her arm into telling me. Which is why she said no prizes… 😈

    Like I would give in to arm twisting! She threatened ‘chutney’ again.

  29. What sort of interrogation tactics did you use?

    She looked up Flickr πŸ˜€

  30. udupi
    or bangalore???


  31. I can’t give away all my secrets for free, you know! I have a blow-by-blow biography to write and make pots of $$.

    You have the marketing figured out? πŸ˜† Share that part with us then!

  32. If you don’t tell me, I’ll delete your last comment and withhold a certain email address! πŸ˜€

    Ah…good thinking, Pel!

  33. hi> all of freinds. i love you.


  34. I love you too mhkhcom!

  35. Gosh! And I love you, Pel! Hugs all around!

    BTW, what is all the love for?

  36. And because you threatened to delete me – moi! imagine that! – I tagged you for a meme.

    And, Anita, you’re tagged too.

    Both of you can continue to hate me as usual. 😈

    I had only love for you…till a while ago…

  37. Hate, love…it’s all the same! Apathy is what I fear most, but don’t fear: I have much love for you, Mispa, and Anita too! Hugs all around! πŸ˜€

  38. Wow, I am surrounded by wise ones, philosophical ones, learned ones…I can only feel awe!

    And, TLO did chose Mispa as her ‘final’ middle name! Hugs to all…someone is missing…ah the Musical refrain…

  39. Oh yeah…a hug for Musy too! And a namaste for V. πŸ™‚ Anyone else can make an appointment. πŸ˜€

  40. People, people! If the Spanish can make a J into an H, surely I can do the same to P? What’s in a letter? Just a lot of love and grace.

    As for marketing, you will have to make that appointment, y’know. That’s not for free, either! This Internet has ruined the world. Free is the worst 4 letter word there is.

  41. just saw the photos on Flickr…what is coming is gorgeous..bring it on, have not seen many of those ever

  42. I can’t argue with that one!

  43. i am here, buddies πŸ™‚ Hugs and love to y’all πŸ˜€

    and can we now have the name of this beautiful town πŸ™‚

  44. Btw, Pel, congrats on your new and helical name πŸ˜€

  45. See, now that’s what I call a true sport!

    Hugs and love to you, too, Musy! It’s Belgaum.

    Anita, we are done loving each other. Can we have that post, please?

    Done…about time too…before everyone officially loses their minds…whew!

  46. Oh, Manisha-i checked the Flickr too πŸ˜€ I hadn’t read Sra’s comment before πŸ˜‰ yes, the audience is looking forward to a great post (or a few lovely posts) πŸ™‚

  47. I must agree! Anita knows how to fill the seats!

    For intermission, I’m going to sing a song:

    “Helical songs for helical brats, helical songs for helical brats, helical…can you sing at the same time- in more than one key? Duets by Rossini, and waltzes by Strauss…and can you, as brats do, begin with a “P”, that always triumphantly brings down the house! Helical songs for..”

  48. Thank you. [bows]

  49. Must bring lots of popcorn to throw at that helical kid’s tuneless drone. And chewing gum.

  50. Oooh pressure!

    Boy, am I glad there was no youtube when I was young and a fan…the flailing at the beginning of that video is enough to turn anyone off!

  51. OMG. I just realized…I tagged Hel. I tagged Hel.
    [rushes to temple to seek penance]

  52. [grumble] where’d my comment with the link to youtube go? [/grumble]

  53. Here it is———–> link!

  54. Breathe in – breathe out…let us calm ourselves,and may this section start to make a little sense again… [thanks for keeping the party going, guys πŸ˜€ ]

  55. […] was only too happy to accompany Padma on her vegetable market trip where I saw baskets filled with fresh produce – I spotted the famed heirloom gavar (cluster beans), bundles of ridged gourd, white bitter […]

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